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Chaz Bowyer

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  • Jagan

    In my early 20s, back home in Hyderabad, southern India when I had just joined in my first job, I remember going to a top end book store and coming across a hard bound book on a topic i loved. I just had to have it but was too expensive at that time and I didnt have the moolah. So began a period of wait and watch where I would go to the book store every other day to confirm that the book was still there. It was more like I was stalking that book for a period of time! Finally when I was able to save the money, I went and bought the book. It was "Hurricane and Messerschmitt at War" - bought for a princely 15$ equivalent in Rupees which was roughly almost all of my discretionary income for that month. (No parties, no eating out :d).

    I still have that book - occupying a prominent place in my library.

    Thank you Mr. Bowyer, for providing us with years of wonderful reading pleasure . May you R.I.P.
    My Books: The Westland Wapiti in the Indian Air Force (1933-1943) | Eagles over Bangladesh | The India-Pakistan Air War of 1965


    • Agent K
      Rank 5 Registered User

      Please accept my condolancies too, my childhood aviation passion was fed by several of Chaz's books, they hit the mark and were much loved and read.


      • Planemike
        Rank 5 Registered User

        As has been said one of the great aviation writers and historians.

        Lisa, my condolences.............



        • STORMBIRD262
          Wanabee 262 pilot

          R.I.P. Mr Chaz.....

          WOW, that's a real shock Lisa!

          Your's father has had me stuck in book's since i was a tot I reckon.

          He was a great Man among men, and seemed to have had a very full on and amazing life!

          My condolences and kindest regard's to you Lisa and family from down here in Oz!

          I can imagine Chaz flying off in to a setting sun, in a Spitfire

          R.I.P. mate

          Lest We Forget another fallen hero.
          Cheer's all far and WIDE!! , Tally Ho from Phil in Oz!



          • Firebird
            Avons with attitude

            Condolences from me too.

            And like others have said, it was a Chaz Bowyer book that was my first ever aviation book bought when knee high to a Spitfire with saved up pocket money.

            Mosquito at War, bought from the shop at the RAFM Hendon about a month after the museum opened.
            I was with it all the way until letting the brakes off..........


            • slicer
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              Sincere condolences on your sad loss. And thanks to Chaz Bowyer for all the enjoyment he brought to me through the many books of his that I own.



              • T-21
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                Sad news, I have his excellent "Albert Ball VC" and " Wellington At War". His work paved the way forward's for alot of todays aviation author's.
                Fly with the eagles,or scratch with the chickens.


                • bms44
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                  Chaz Bowyer

                  From yet another admirer of your father's contribution to the broad sphere of aviation literature, and in gratitude to a writer who encouraged my interest and love of aircraft, I offer humble thanks for what he gave, and what he will continue to give to new readers who have yet to discover the enduring legacy of his books.

                  Condolences to you and your family Lisa, thank you for thinking of us at this time.



                  • Seafuryfan
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                    Originally posted by Tangmere1940 View Post
                    As a schoolboy and later, as my interest developed, Chaz Bowyer's books were always an inspiration to me. Each one was devoured with avid interest, and each one remains in my library today... Blue skies, Chaz. You will be missed by many.
                    Well put, Andy. I have similar thoughts on my earliest memories of Chaz Bowyer.

                    I remember thinking as a teenager, 'What it would be like to do that for a living, write books on planes..' Chaz actually did it. What a great legacy he has left with his aviation literature.


                    • Scouse
                      Rank 5 Registered User

                      Not much I can add to what's already been said, but to anyone like me growing up in the 60s with a burning interest in aviation he was a much-valued guide. I'm sure you must miss him terribly. RIP.


                      • jim_jobe
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                        Very very sad news,


                        • captainslow
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                          My condolencies Lisa, back in 1985 I was invited to choose a book as a school prize to be awarded to me. I picked 'British Military Aircraft' by the great man, and I still have it over twenty years later, this and all his other books will help to keep a little bit of him alive. . . .
                          The R.A.F was glad to have the Spitfire, but HAD to have the Hurricane!


                          • Merlin3945
                            Aviation Archaeologist

                            Though the man has gone yet will he live on for generations through his books.

                            fly high fly swift.
                            Regards Merlin



                            • Tom_W
                              Rank 5 Registered User

                              One of the true pioneers of aviation authors, as many have previously said my first aviation book was given to me on my 8th birthday, 'Hurricane and Messerschmitt at War', I didn't put it down for hours and it was one of the 'sparks' that set me off on the aviation trail. Thank you Chaz for all of your hard work over the years, rest in peace and my sincere condolences to the family.



                              • mhuxt
                                hm? wha'?

                                Let me add my sincere condolences to those above - I still refer to your father's books constantly.

                                Blue Skies Chaz Bowyer.


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