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Donald Campbell's Bluebird K7

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    [QUOTE=Lancman;1223883]Glad the video was appreciated- I made it QUOTE]

    Excellent video, by the way whats the music? watching Top Gear the other day they used it as well. Not as well used I may add.

    Fantastic project. Im not old enough to remember Blue Bird but I do remember hearing the story and watching the film clip on tv and it was as it still is awe inspiring even now.


      The image of Bluebird crashing on the (B & W) TV news is one of those (like the Kennedy motorcade during the assasination) that stays with me.
      When I was a boy Donald Campbell was a hero on a par with Duke, Lithgow, Twiss, etc.
      Thanks Lancman for this update - I think your initial doubts about whether to post on an aviation forum should have gone with the responses it has provoked. My good wishes to a gret project - another good reason for going to the Lake District

      Roger Smith.
      A Blenheim, Beaufighter and Beaufort - together in one Museum. Who'd have thought that possible in 1967?


        go for it lads

        do it without the lottery will make you feel better in the long run.

        using other peoples money whilst achieves the same result faster, the red tape and accountability would be the downfall of the project.

        keep up the good work



          Who needs a reason? The lake district is worthy of a visit in its own right, just a pity I can't persuade my other half that this is the case.
          The mind once expanded by a new idea never returns to its original size.


            Thanks everyone for some really nice comments- I shall pass them on to those who are doing the real hard work.

            To answer the couple of questions there-

            There's no hard date set for her completion- obviously, in time for the 40th anniversary of the crash in 2007 would have been nice, but the Lottery delays put pay to that as well- but the plan as Bill states it to the media is a year to strip her down, a year to rebuild her, a year toget the systems in and get her wet. So, towards the back end of 2009, maybe?

            The video music I used- which yeah, is often used in Top Gear and many other things- is the instrumenetal version of a track called (rather appropriately) 'Speed Me Towards Death' by a bloke named Rob Dougan. The vocal version isn't bad, but the instrumental is great on it's own. You should be able to find it online at any good download store...and probably at a few really bad ones, too!
            The Bluebird Project


              My local aviation society had a talk last month by a guy called Phil Holt. Very interesting. Apparently Donald went out on Christmas day and, although not timed, appeared to be very fast to those from the team who were watching.

              The crucial fact was that on the fateful day he used the brake after the first run (a steel pole stuck into the water) and this upset the surface enough to cause his later problems, added to which he didn't refuel after the first run which made the front lighter than was originally planned and finally he closed the throttles too fast which removed the slight downward thrust of the engine. Combine all 3 and there you have it. Like most accidents it's never just one thing but a combination.

              You can book Phil for youy club etc. here:-


                As someone once put it when referring to aviation accidents. The events which lead to an accident are like the holes in a Swiss cheese. When all the holes line up an accident happens, if they don't it doesn't.
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                The mind once expanded by a new idea never returns to its original size.


                  Yeah, it really was an unfortunate combination of events that caused K7 to lift off; any one of those things alone would have been survivable, but together...

                  Mercifully, if DC wasn't already at least partly blacked-out by the G-force of the backflip, the end was at least VERY quick indeed.
                  The Bluebird Project


                    Thanks for the update lancman, great project, all the very best with it

                    I know all about the lack of lottery interest in 'projects'

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                      I said this back in 05, just change the date to 09.

                      Bluebird lifting off the water on 4th Jan 67 is something I'll never forget.
                      I think it should be restored and taken to coniston water on the above
                      date in 2007 to complete its ill fated second run, and lay a wreath where
                      Donald Campbell lost his life. Then put it in a museum with the biggest
                      union flag as a backdrop to honour a truly great british hero.


                        i definitely agree, if you want a voulnteer to drive her, ill drive her XD


                          A great man indeed.

                          I fully concur with whats been said about this Great British Hero!

                          I was there at the lake sides of Coniston back in Dec 66 & Jan 67 as a 9 yr old with my Dad Bill, watching Campbell do his practices and eventually, that last fateful run!

                          Something i will never forget .... but as Iccarus found out to his cost, pushing the limits is a risky business with little to no middleground!

                          Donald Campbell ... a Great British Hero for sure.
                          'Lakes Lightnings' F1aXM172,F6XS922,F6/3 hybrid XS897, T55-715, JP4 XS181, SU-7,Canberra WK122,Hunters WT711, T7s XL609&XL618, Harriers GR3 XZ131&T4


                            Has anyone here read Steve Holter's book 'Leap Into Legend'?
                            Great read.


                              Plug for Steve Holter's book...motor racing name and're not actually Steve there are you?!

                              Good book for sure, not a definitive acount but certainly an essential part of any Campbell book shelf.

                              Can't reccommend David Tremayne's 'Donald Campbell- The Man Behind The Mask' enough, and also 'Leo Villa's Blueblird Album' for the most stunning pictures- most in colour- that you'll see on the subject.
                              The Bluebird Project


                      , I'm certainly not Mr.Holter. At least, I wasn't when I last checked.


                                  LOL, okay then!
                                  The Bluebird Project


                                    I'm looking for some good close up pictures of Bluebird K7, can anyone suggest a good web site?


                                      Join the Speed Record Group- it's a tatty old Yahoo Group in format, but the image content is second to none.

                                      The Bluebird Project


                                        Thanks Lancman, much appreciated.


                                          No probs.

                                          Like any discussion forum feelings can run high at times, but with Campbell authors, Bluebird Project team members and everyone in between posting there, and a photos collection second to none, it's the topmost place online for Campbell enthusiasts. I just wish it was in a decent forum format with separate subjects threads etc, and not a crappy old Yahoo group!
                                          The Bluebird Project