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Lt Peter Butterworth (Carry On Star)

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  • EN830
    • Jan 2000
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    Lt Peter Butterworth (Carry On Star)

    I came across some info on Carry on Star and former RN Lt. Peter Butterworth, who was shot down over Texel, Holland on 21st June 1940. Has anyone got any info on the unit and operation that he was on ?

    After being captured he became POW No. 622, during his time in captivity he escaped from Dulag Luft with Roger Bushell (Of Great Escape infamy) and 16 others in June 1941, but was recaptured and sent to Stalag Luft 1 (Barth) and then on to Stalag Luft L3 (Sagan). During his time at Stalag Luft 3 he was responsible for organising many shows.

    In January 1945 he took part in the death march which took him and many other POW's to Marlag Milag Nord, Lubeck, and finally freedom.

    I came across a site on which his son Tyler along with the BBC were reputed to be putting together a documentary about Peters time as a POW and were looking to contact anyone who may remember Peter and may have any stories to tell, especially theatrical or escape based. Not sure if this programme was ever made ????

    Here are a few shots of Peter in the POW camps, and as he is better remembered in the Carry On series of films.

    On the back of the above photo it reads as follows
    L to R (back row)
    Michael Ormond, John G. Frank Day, D.Barratt, Norman S, Hugh
    (Front row)
    G/Capt. Kellett, P. Butterworth, Gordon
    Taken Feb. '43 in the Old Camp, Room 8 Barrack 67. Stl/Luft 3

    Photos C/O

    Photo C/O

    Government Volunteer
  • adrian_gray
    Which idiot let HIM in?
    • Jan 2000
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    Whale Oil Beef Hooked!

    S'pose it makes sense when you think of the timescale involved, but I'd never suspected most of the Carry On crew as having active service! What with pics of Clive Dunn as a POW lately (actually, I think that might be elsewhere...), I've learnt a lot!

    Thanks for posting those - and the last picture from one of my favourite movies too! (can you tell my sense of humour stopped developing at about 13?)

    "Snow clearing equipment has been found under snowdrift" - message sent from RNAS Hatston, Orkney, 1944.


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