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Airfield Beacons

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  • Sq/L Scramble.
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    Originally posted by darnsarf View Post
    Not having anything better to do this evening I've had a trawl through AIX's 'What Aerodrome?' thread and found one solitary picture of what I remember as a pundit, mounted on a trailer. This shows one at Culdrose and is a small part of a larger photo, the item in question is parked beside the windsock over on the right. The one I remember at Northolt was like this, more boxy in appearance than the one in Jetprov's picture and was painted standard airfield dark green.

    Would this be RAE Bedford?
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    • Chipmunk Carol
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      Hatfield Beacon was returned to Hatfield on 28 November 2011. Subsequently, it has been fenced off and trees planted around it. So it appears to be well protected.

      Here it is, located at the entrance to the University of Hertfordshire's de Havilland Campus in Mosquito Way.

      The footpath you can see in the photo has been removed and it is no longer possible to get this close to it.

      de Havilland forever!


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