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RAF VC-10`s how long to retirement?

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  • Archer
    Innocent bystander
    • Nov 2003
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    Originally posted by ZRX61
    I have some pics taken from the top of the parking lot next to Camb YMCA on Parkers Piece of 3 VC10's flying over in formation Taken between '89 & '91.
    Don't hesitate, just post them here
    A Little VC10derness - A Tribute to the Vickers VC10 -


    • kodak
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      • Jan 2004
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      Painted versions, including a C1K showing how they should STILL llook before all this grey nonsense!


      • mmitch
        • Mar 2003
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        On the RAF website it says that 3 more VC10s will be withdrawn from use and the 16 left will be operated by 101 squadron. 10 squadron will be disbanded in October.


        • AgCat
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          • Aug 2004
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          10 Sqn to Disband?

          According to a post on another website it was announced in the last 24 hrs that 10 Sqn is to disband later this year and three more 10s are to be scrapped. Confirmation anyone?

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          • mike currill
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            • Jul 2003
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            Originally posted by Newforest
            The VC.10 (or another) departed from Halifax Airport, Nova Scotia on Monday, 16th May about 2.00 p.m. It certainly got the attention of a few residents who are more used to Boeings and Airbus's. Sorry no photo available.
            I bet it did. They are certainly not the world's quietest aircraft by any means
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            • ZRX61
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              • May 2005
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              Originally posted by Archer
              Don't hesitate, just post them here
              I don't have a scanner, I gave up with them as the temp here in the Mojave kills them in about 2 weeks flat....
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