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Dunkirk film. Questions regarding aerial scenes.

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  • hampden98
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    • Sep 2009
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    Dunkirk film. Questions regarding aerial scenes.

    Watching the new Dunkirk film just wanted to question some of the aerial scenes and wether these could or would have in fact happened during WW2.

    Pilots in the film check their fuel gauges and determine the have 70, 68 gallons of fuel. Is this possible, I though the Mk1 only had a gauge that could read the last 35 gallons?

    The Spitfire pilots are flying lower than 2000 feet. One says "I want to climb to 2000 feet to avoid being bounced again". So would the RAF be flying so low over the channel?

    The three aircraft seem to be aimlessly flying around. What would have been their mission? The Luftwaffe are also seen flying very low. Is this possible? Would or could these aircraft have been so low over the channel?

    Not trying the fault the film. Just interested if the scenes could or indeed evidence showed that these sorts of engagements would have happened over Dunkirk?

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