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Southend airport `abandoned - not crashed airliners` poor journalism!

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  • kartman
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    Southend airport `abandoned - not crashed airliners` poor journalism!
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  • Paul F
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    Must be a very slow news day in Saaarfend today....

    Pretty perceptive to note that lack of obvious damage suggests they didn't crash land . perhaps they just landed vertically..... or maybe their departures were delayed so long that the fences went up before they could leave, I just hope there are no crews/pax trapped aboard, heaven forbid ..rolls eyes

    Glad to see there's "possibly" a "Vulcan" in there too, it has damned good camouflage or maybe it's the rare top secret shape shifting variant... ho ho

    Trying to create a story out of thin air is not journalism, surely it's creative writing, maybe the journo is after a Mann-Booker prize?


    • Brenden S
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      • Dec 2016
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      ex RAAF HS748


      • Beermat
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        The annoying part of this is that the 'journalist' honestly believes that the reason for the aircraft being there 'may never be known' because they haven't the first clue on how to research a story, - and yet gets paid a salary for this 'output' while hundreds of dedicated researchers and writers (most of whom know the difference between 'less' and 'fewer') do not.
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        It's all good. Probably.


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