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Whirlwind Fighter Project AGM 2019

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  • merlin57
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    • Mar 2014
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    Whirlwind Fighter Project AGM 2019

    Our next AGM will be held at East Kirby on Saturday the 5th of October at 1100. All are welcome, please support the build of P7056 which will be the only Whirlwind Fighter in the world, we need your support to continue with the build.

    There will be a raffle , Speakers, and tea and biscuits.
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  • DoraNineFan
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    • Oct 2005
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    I'm not sure if this has already been shared. But I stumbled across a remarkable bit of Whirlwind film.


    • adrian_gray
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      • Jan 2000
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      That's a nice find! Would like to know more about it - who is the Indian gent? Or the chap with the plastered foot? And what is that on the right breast of their jackets? Amongst other things!

      The aircraft signwriten "Bellows" were, I believe, paid for by fundraising in Argentina - though I forget the relevance of the bellows to the tale. I'm fairly sure it was covered in Flypast many years ago.

      "Snow clearing equipment has been found under snowdrift" - message sent from RNAS Hatston, Orkney, 1944.


      • brewerjerry
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        • May 2004
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        fairly good description of the bellows foundation

        not just argentina,

        many countries and the whirlwinds originally carried names suggested by those countries before reverting to just 'bellows '

        indian pilot

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        • SE5AFAN
          Essex boy
          • Jan 2000
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          Great film. Anyone else notice the interloping Typhoon at 2.35 ?
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          • Danwheeler65
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            • Mar 2016
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            Do you know SE5AFAN I've watched this film dozens of times and only just noticed the tiffies now that you've pointed them out. Not only that, but a rare sound of them as well. Well spotted mate.
            adrian-gray, th3 pilot with the plaster cast was Flt. Lt Geoff Warnes.


            • Beermat
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              • Oct 2009
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              The 'Bellows' under the cockpit was added to the aircraft appearing in this film because it was shot for the benefit of a South American audience (according to the 263 ORB) and by this time the Argentinian Bellows organisation were under the impression that 263 were a new squadron formed entirely of aircraft purchased with their donations. While the reality could never be so simple, this idea - spread by the Bellows' own internal news-sheet - was never countered by the RAF or Air Ministry because it made for excellent propaganda. All would have been well until a crew turned up to film the squadron, causing a number of aircraft that were never actually Bellows donations to gain these markings overnight.
              It's all good. Probably.


              • brewerjerry
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                • May 2004
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                many years ago I thought of doing a book on the whirlwind but never got around to it and probably never will, so .

                Notes from files at the PRO / NA Kew

                In 1941, The whirlwinds were named after the branches that donated them, I.e. Brazil, Argentina , Uruguay , Columbia , Bolivia.

                There were Bellows Argentina I to XII

                P7055 Bellows Argentina No:1,

                P7116 Bellows Argentina No:2 , HE-F

                P7117 Bellows Argentina No:3 , HE-E
                P7118 Bellows Argentina No:4
                P7119 Bellows Argentina No:5 , SF-S
                P7120 Bellows Argentina No:6
                P7121 Bellows Argentina No:7 SF-C

                Known other serials for Bellows Argentina P7057 , P7052.

                Bellows Uruguay I , P7122

                Bellows Uruguay II SF-E

                Bellows Uruguay III

                Bellows Uruguay IV

                Fellowship of the Bellows Columbia

                Condor I ( Bolivia )

                Condor II ( Bolivia )

                O Banderante ( Brazil )

                But in July 1942, the Fellowship of the bellows was allocated 263Sq as a Bellows squadron and all individual aircraft names were eliminated at the request of the South American Fellowship and 20 whirlwinds
                ( all with 263 Squadron ) bore the bellows insignia on them, but it appears the name change to the aircraft did not happen until late august, maybe the date of the film ?

                From records, combat reports ( some combat reports actually state " this was a bellows aircraft " in the report ) and a few photographs.

                I think that the serials and codes are :-

                P6974 HE-Z, P6981 HE-B, P7007, P7040, P7052, P7055, P7057, P7059, P7062 HE-L, P7089,

                P7094 HE-T, P7105 HE-N, P7108, P7113 HE-W, P7116 HE-J, P7117 HE-E, P7120.

                The remaining bellows aircraft with 137Squadron ,
                i.e. P7119 and P7121, were missed and the full presentation names remained on these aircraft .

                There was also Comrade in Arms P7102, SF-P and the Pride of Yeovil

                I have seen it mentioned that is possible that there may have been a Pride of Yeovil II, & Pride of Yeovil III , but found no info on if this happened

                one individual a/c serial not known had a plate of an eel, attached to it on request of a squadron leader who visited westland factory to pick out his aircraft
                ( info from a factory worker in response to a local newspaper request for info on the whirlwind )
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