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Even More Boomeramgs coming back. (Pt.1)

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  • 1batfastard
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    Even More Boomeramgs coming back. (Pt.1)

    Hi All,
    Yet another cache of Boomerangs down under are on the way to being completed to airworthy status which makes at least 10 actively in restoration in some form or another and another static example also for restoration by two restorers down under. When you add the two already airworthy alongside an airworthy replica the population of this forgotten warbird in airworthy status will explode in the not to distant future...............

    Click image for larger version  Name:	CAC-Boomerang-CA-13-A46-54-nearing-its-first-flight-since-WWII-a-beautiful-and-accurate-restoration-620x415.jpg Views:	0 Size:	78.4 KB ID:	3868257
    Article and pictures courtesy of:-

    Its some time since we reported on the progress that Greg Batts of Combat Aircraft Constructions at Archerfield, Brisbane is making with the restoration of a number of CAC Boomerang aircraft to airworthy condition and in the interim much has happened.

    On the day of our visit 4 CAC Boomerangs were on the workshop floor undergoing restoration. CA-12 Boomerang A46-54 (Gregs own project) is inching ever closer to its first flight with the host of seemingly endless small tasks coming to a conclusion. The hope is to fly this aircraft this year however the inevitable delays in details may get in the way of this schedule.

    A46-77,A46-92 ,A46-55 & A46-54

    A46-55, A46-92 & A46-77

    CAC Boomerang CA-12 A46-77

    CAC Boomerang CA-12 A46-55

    Recent activity on A46-54 has seen the propeller spinner back plate that attached to the 3E50 Counter Weight propeller hub redesigned and manufactured from scratch as it does not fit to the replacement 23E50 Hydromatic propeller hub being used. It was necessary to design and manufacture a new Back Plate for that hub, so that the original Boomerang Spinner could be retained. The propeller itself has been sent to a local Queensland specialist for assembly and testing prior to being fitted to the aircraft.

    The Carburettor for the Pratt & Whitney R-1830 Twin Wasp radial engine, 1,200 hp (895 kW) was sent to the USA for rebuild by a specialist and has just arrived back after a prolonged process and is reported to now be fitted to the aircraft. The engine is a genuine R1830-90 used for the Boomerang by CAC and was rebuilt for the project some time ago and is already in place in the aircraft. Final system connections to it should complete within a month.

    Whilst the vast bulk of the aircraft systems, instruments and components are completed and fitted to the airframe, several instruments are being refurbished and fitted and the last of new control cables are also being fitted. New flap rods are now being installed and connected to flaps. Once all of this is complete a full aircraft inspection will be done and then the fabric covered wooden shell of the fuselage will be refitted for the last time and painting of some areas of the aircraft undertaken. All of this activity should see A46-54 ready for first flight trials before Christmas, however as mentioned Warbirds can be cantankerous beasts so we have our fingers crossed.

    Prior to refitting fuselage shell

    CAC Boomerang fuselage shell

    CAC Boomerang Components

    Pratt and Whitney 1830-90 Carburettor

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  • DazDaMan
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    Wow, great to see more of these coming back to life!
    Daren Cogdon

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