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Aircraft Show in France 2nd half of 1920s - one Aircraft Unknown

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  • Romantic Techno
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    • Jul 2010
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    Aircraft Show in France 2nd half of 1920s - one Aircraft Unknown

    Hi friends,

    maybe you just like to enjoy this scene. If so, do so.

    If you are not just satisfied, you can take a closer look at the aircraft shown. There are at least 39 or 40 Breguet XIXs standing around in the background. Incidentially, AA's Bernard 18T seems to appear again in the center. In front of it, I mean, there stands F-AIPO, a Nieuport-Delage NiD 62. Of the other aircraft, I only can identify F-AHFE, a Caudron C.109 (leftmost). Right of it, there is a biplane with staggered wings, and right next of it another one. I read the registration as F-AIOH, but Goldenyears says, this is a Bleriot-Spad 56, which looks very different. Maybe I misinterpret the registration, it would not be the first time, so any other idea is welcome. Different letter combinations I checked in Goldenyears also gave no match.

    The long, triangular tailfin of the aircraft tells me it must be another Caudron. But which type? Goldenyears mentions one named C.157. Googling for pictures of it gives no result. Is this possibly a Caudron C.157?

    Your opinion is asked for! I am glad about every answer!

    Regards, RT Click image for larger version  Name:	Pistes.jpg Views:	0 Size:	784.5 KB ID:	3868061
  • Mothminor
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    • Dec 2012
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    Hi RT, I think the last letter is a K so F-AIOK which would make it a Hanriot HD.32.


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