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  • Sabrejet
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    • Mar 2010
    • 1757

    Take a look at Yeovilton's Air Day (Alize/Zephyr/Paris formation for a start) - now that was an interesting show!


    • Propstrike
      Rank 5 Registered User
      • Mar 2004
      • 4002

      It is difficult to disentangle ones feelings about this show, which is very positive in many ways, but the 'experience' does raise some challenges.

      It is very well run, ticketing, parking, all very slick , traffic today in and out, was a dream, perhaps a reflection that it felt markedly less busy than previous years. By mid-afternoon many stalls seemed to have few visitors.

      The display too, blessed with reasonable/good weather was very efficient, no gaps, pretty much on schedule as advertised, and most important safe.

      The problem is that sometimes the display just feels a bit remote, and for instance during the Spitfire tailchase, the southern section of six were tracking past beyond the southern boundary of the field, beyond the range of any normal camera lens, and quite distant to the human eye. For single aircraft fly-bys, they are just rather small in the sky, and rather lose their visual impact. Attention starts to falter.

      If you can get close to the fence- line, there is more 'connection', but the vast majority of spectators arrive after the fence-line is bagged, ( or 'chaired') so your view is of the people in front, obscuring aircraft taxying past , and what you can see are distant aircraft flying by. Like so many problems in life, if you pay more, you get more, and probably the grandstand ( ) would deliver a better experience. However, along the display frontage there is so much roped off space, enclosures for numerous organisations and enterprises, that a normal 'punter' feels like a rather second-class citizen.

      I have done 20 + Legends, and will go again, but the contrast with Old Warden ( only a week ago) is significant . It is a different kind of show of course, but if you want some grass to sit on, a good view, and close (er) flying performers, it is not a difficult choice.


      • Roobarb
        Rank 5 Registered User
        • Mar 2005
        • 1186

        I went Saturday. At 08:30 the traffic was back to McDonalds on the A505 east (2 miles from DX). It took 2hrs 10minutes to get in from there. A friend travelled in at around 12:15 and got straight in. Traffic management in was poor in my opinion. Traffic management out was great. I was home in 12 minutes after the last of the Balbo finished. That's considerably quicker than coming home from DX at 17:30 in the week!


        • L4x2
          Rank 5 Registered User
          • Jun 2011
          • 471

          I went today (Sunday). It was frikking awesome. I spent more time looking through binoculars than the camera view finder though which is a much better way of enjoying it in my opinion.
          My 5 y.o. daughter was enthralled by the wingwalkers.
          Traffic was no problem at all
          12 spitfires in formation
          3 mk1 spitfires
          5 buchons
          super high energy displays from Sharkmouth, the Bearcat and the Fury

          It seems only a few years ago that the "enemy" was represented by a bf108 or maybe two on a good year

          I also got to see a Hurricane fly


          • DaveB
            Rank 5 Registered User
            • Sep 2003
            • 458

            Originally posted by iclo View Post
            Nick Grey provided news about the Fiat who still require a prop fix but could be flying next year and a exciting prospect about the mk22 TFC had in storage
            What did Nick Grey say about the Mk.22? I obviously missed that bit...


            • Propstrike
              Rank 5 Registered User
              • Mar 2004
              • 4002

              Re the Grandstands, other online accounts indicate that tinfact they are far from satisfactory, being very packed, and with a shallow angle of tiers, negating the benefit - once tried , never repeated, say most.


              • TempestV
                Rank 5 Registered User
                • Dec 2003
                • 1506

                I went on Saturday and enjoyed the display.
                Highlights for me included:
                The pair of joker aircraft between the Balbo passes. The Bearcat was joined by the Hawker ISS Fury for a high energy aerial ballet.
                The Lysander/Blenheim/MK1 Spitfire Flypast. This would have been improved with the addition of a MK1 Hurricane.
                The DH9 looked amazing but didn't fly unfortunately.
                Even the slightly overcast sky was a blessing....anyone who has previously been to Duxford will know the delight of staring towards the sun all day!

                Also to answer a previous question regarding TFC's Spitfire 22. Nick Grey indicated that once the propeller issues had been resolved on the Fiat, the Spitfire would be worked on.
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                • Seafuryfan
                  Rank 5 Registered User
                  • Jan 2000
                  • 2487

                  The grandstand worked for me, with marshals ensuring selfish stand-uppers sat back down. Rules are rules. It wasnt excessively tight for the two of us, we arrived early to bag seats near the aisle, or its a bit inconvenient getting up every time someone wants to go to the loo.


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