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Bellamy Family Film from the 50s and 60s

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  • rochford
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    • Mar 2008
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    Someone asked about the 'Super g' - - I think it is in the earlier KLM scheme - with the 'Flying Dutchman' on a shield near the nose


    • longshot
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      • Aug 2008
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      Something made me think it might be with the Venezuelan airline LAV (Lineas Aereas Venezolanas) and an image Google seems to confirm it ..Probably late 1950s? so my Biafra theory wrong (by a decade? :-) ) as Lineas Aeropostal Venezolana they did serve Lisbon/Madrid/Rome around 1958
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      • Elmdon Boy
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        • Jan 2017
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        I remember seeing the Halcyon being built at Eastleigh in the summer of 1962 I think. I was just a schoolboy spotter and took down the registration G-ARIO which was either written on the fuselage side in chalk, or was on a sign hanging on the aircraft. I think it was written on the fuselage side. I would not have known what I was looking at without that identification.
        It was a real scoop for me with my fellow spotter mates back at Elmdon.
        This is one of the best threads on this forum, thanks T6 flyer and the Bellamy family for allowing the film to be released.
        Happy days.


        • avion ancien
          Long ago and far away ...
          • Aug 2007
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          What doesn't feature in any of the films is the SCAN 30 (a French licence built Grumman Widgeon) G-ARIX which, on 19 May 1961, Viv Bellamy managed to destroy, after a demonstration flight, when it crashed on alighting on the Solent off Calshot. Bruce Campbell, its owner - of just one day - apparently watched it happen and, presumably, was less than impressed. G-ARIX finished upside down and was dragged back to the hard of Bruce Campell's boat building yard on the Hamble. There, presumably, it was scrapped. Its registration was cancelled in June 1961


          • Planemike
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            • Dec 2007
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            AA.... Interesting to see the tale of G-ARIX recounted. Well remembered by all the "spotters" at Eastleigh. I did not see it, arriving on the Eastleigh scene in August 62. I thought Bruce Campbell was on board. Jimmy Douse the CFI of Hampshire AC was certainly on board but not piloting. He, like the others took a swim. However there is a sequel.

            In March 63 Bruce Campbell had another attempt at acquiring an amphibian. This time it was the hapless I-FIMA a Piaggio 136F. It was damaged in an accident, not quite as dramatic as with the SCAN 30, but within days of its arrival. As far as I recollect it was dismantled (possibly at BC's yard, as it never returned to Eastleigh). It was apparently shipped back to Italy from whence it came. Somewhere I have a slide.

            I looked out for Stinson Reliant G-AFVT. This was a resident at the time. I enjoyed a 20 minute post CofA test flight. A noisy a/c with its 340 HP Lycoming radial engine but quite quiet in the cabin: effective soundproofing.

            Most of the film appears to have been taken prior to August/September 62. At that time Viv Bellamy headed off to Libya on some form of NATO (?) contract, undoubtly aviation related. Wonder if he shot any film out there??

            Anyway some wonderful nostalgic stuff from a bygone era and to some of it I can say "I was there !!"........ Thank you for preparing it and posting it. .
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            • Hooligan
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              • Mar 2017
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              Tales of The Fifties and its sequels make good reading - Tales of the Sixties would be good too if somebody out there can winkle memories out of the protagonists...


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