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More Boomerangs coming back!

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    More Boomerangs coming back!

    Hi All,
    Surprised nobody has mentioned this news item courtesy of:-

    You cant have too many CAC Boomerangs. Ian Baker is restoring several CAC Boomerang series aircraft & the scope and scale of his operation has expanded considerably. Warbirds Online caught up with Ian recently & in addition to Ians previously reported personal restorations of CA-12s A46-89 and A46-90 and customer owned CA-13 A46-140, Ian has acquired CA-13s A46-126, A46-128, A46-158 and static restoration CA-13, A46- 160. Ian also has a large inventory of parts and compone...nts to assist in his #Warbird restoration work.

    Previously there had been a belief that very little wing structure survived post war scrapping of Boomerangs however Ian has amassed quite a number of original Boomerang wing structural sections. Ian is currently in the process of constructing a purpose built facility in NSW to allow for the restorations to progress in a more streamlined manner. There are not enough serviceable components for all of the airframes and Ian has a methodical approach to reproducing items from original patterns in batches as required both for his own needs and those of other Boomerang restorers. Several of these aircraft are for sale & if you are interested in acquiring a Boomerang you can contact Ian Baker for more details. Want to know more about the task of restoring a CAC Boomerang? Then read news more about Ians work on our website at:-

    CAC Boomerangs undergoing rebuild A46-89 with A46-128 behind.

    CAC Boomerangs A46-89 A46-128 and at the right A46-90 in the workshop during rebuild.

    CAC Boomerang components following rebuild.

    CAC Boomerang cockpit components following rebuild.

    Fuselage frame prior to fitting ply skin.

    Rare original section of CAC Boomerang wing for use as a pattern.

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