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The Air Publication AP1578 Series - Vickers Wellington

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  • Air Ministry
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    • Jan 2008
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    The Air Publication AP1578 Series - Vickers Wellington

    I've been studying my collection of wartime APs which is growing nicely, covering everything from trainers to bombers and flying boats, but I've realised that I'm missing a particularly important airframe type - namely the Wellington.

    I'm wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of a readily available copy of the Volume I for any of the main Wellington Marks, preferably a Bomber Command version but Coastal Command also welcome?

    By "readily available", I mean available in scanned, photocopied or digitally photographed format. I'm aware that Kew and Hendon hold original copies but I'm looking for something that has already been digitalised, to save me time, effort and a considerable outlay in obtaining a copy from these sources .

    I'm aware that a seller on Ebay offers the manual for the Wellington I but this is in the pre-war format which, in my experience, can be lacking in photographs and art work, etc. It's also a version that differs in many respects from the main wartime production aircraft. A Mk. IA or IC, II, III or X would be ideal but any of the Coastal versions would also be of interest.

    Anyone got any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!
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  • markansell
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    • Jan 2000
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    Saphire and later Air Data reproduced this version:
    VA Wellington III, X, XI, XII, XIII & XIV
    AP 1578C, K, L, M, N & P-PN

    Unsure if the current publishers Crecy have also reprinted this but should be able to find the above on eBay as that is where I found my copy.



    • Lingo Dog
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      • Oct 2018
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      The best source I've found is
      They have Mk1 1 June 1940
      Mks 111,X,X1,X11,XIII,XIV. Jan 1944
      Mk IV June 1941.
      Mk T10 Oct 1949
      Volume One October 1938 (142pp)
      Bristol engine notes for the Wellington 1944


      • brewerjerry
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        • May 2004
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        I used these guys before, the stuff i got was pretty good

        never used these but have heard good stuff about them

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        • Air Ministry
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          • Jan 2008
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          Thanks guys, I appreciate your help but you are all pointing me towards the Pilots Notes which is not what I want, albeit the people at Flight-manuals appear to have the same Volume I which I can buy on ebay, so I'm no further on with my query.

          Here's the cover for the Volume I for the Wellington II. There will probably be something like 300 pages of text, photos and line drawings. This is what I'm seeking, for any variant of the Wellington after the Mk. I. Click image for larger version

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