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HARS Aviation Museum Lockheed Neptune A89-273 took to the skies again

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  • Holland
    Rank 2 Registered User
    • Dec 2018
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    HARS Aviation Museum Lockheed Neptune A89-273 took to the skies again

    Lockheed Neptune A89-273 took to the skies again 13 March 2019 after an extended period of maintenance, and made her first flight in well over a year.

    More information about HARS Aviation Museum
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  • Wyvernfan
    • Oct 2007
    • 5801

    Fantastic !
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    • D1566
      Needs retiring.
      • Apr 2006
      • 2109

      Wonderful to see one flying again.


      • KurtB
        Rank 4 Registered User
        • Feb 2018
        • 167

        First time Ive seen one flying and always liked the type.


        • J Boyle
          With malice towards none
          • Oct 2004
          • 9698

          One of my favorite types. As a kid I had an old Lockheed PR photo of one in my room (something my dad brought back from his time at a Lockhed training course).

          I'm the U.S., Erickson has a stock (not a fire bombrr) example in USN colours that they fly very occasionally.
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          • daveg4otu
            Rank 5 Registered User
            • Oct 2008
            • 660

            I used to see these (USNavy) at Blackbushe back in the 50s.


            • Steve Bond
              Rank 5 Registered User
              • Jan 2000
              • 1795

              Yes indeed, Blackbushe was the place to go to see these beasts in the UK.


              • Anon
                Mike Davey
                • Jan 2008
                • 2848

                I've never seen or heard one fly, and have always very much liked the type, so great to see the vid (headphones on with volume at max mandatory!).

                This two-and-a-half minutes of footage belies the effort that must have gone on behind the scened to get this old "warbird" in the air. With its superb modern lines (even though the design is around 70 years old) the Neptune is a large aeroplane and it is a tribute to the skill, money and dedication of its owners that we are treated to a sight such as this.

                Much appreciated. Thank you.

                Anon (big round-piston-engine fan).


                • Brenden S
                  Rank 5 Registered User
                  • Dec 2016
                  • 170

                  It was great many years ago when they had the 2 Neptunes airworthy. The French one VH-LRR is currently undergoing some maintenance.


                  • Archer
                    Innocent bystander
                    • Nov 2003
                    • 1697

                    Thanks for sharing that, looks good and sounds even better! Does anyone know if the jets are operational? Or are they sticking to pure piston power?
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                    • Brenden S
                      Rank 5 Registered User
                      • Dec 2016
                      • 170

                      Yes the jets are operational.


                      • John Aeroclub
                        Rank 5 Registered User
                        • Jul 2006
                        • 2760

                        I was fortunate to see one RAF Neptune fly over RAF Newton at the Open day show in 1954 and I encountered a French Navy example when our Canberra parked alongside it, at Luqa Malta in 1961.



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