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B-17 "Hello Mr Maier" 42-38007 markings

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    B-17 "Hello Mr Maier" 42-38007 markings

    I'm hopeful that the collective brains on the forum might be able to help us with this request....

    We're in need of some colour photos and ideally nose art photos of the 94th Bomb Group B-17 "Hello Mr Maier" 42-38007. The aircraft left RAF Bury St Edmunds (Rougham) on the 31st July 1944 to attack Munich. After suffering flak damage over the target, the crew managed to nurse the aircraft back over occupied Europe and within reach of the Essex coast before the damage received took its toll and they had to ditch in the North Sea. All of the crew managed to escape the aircraft before it sank but their story was far from over! After sending out a mayday call before ditching, an RAF Walrus picked them up but due to the swell, they were unable to take off and then after a slow taxi back to the coast, the single engine gave in. After many hours of bobbing about they were towed back to shore by a rescue craft. This boat then struck a buoy outside Harwich harbour before eventually landing safely on shore.

    Many decades later an engine was entangled in fishing nets when a trawler passed over the site of the sunken B-17. Although it's not possible to 100% to confirm the engine was from "Hello Mr Maier", no other B-17's were recorded to have ditched / come down in this location and the engine now forms the centre piece of our memorial at the museum.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Christopher Day
    Committee Member, Rougham Control Tower Aviation Museum

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