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More of the Typhoon 1B fun game.

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  • windhover
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    • Jan 2014
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    More of the Typhoon 1B fun game.

    Meanwhile; back at the "Make it up as you go along" Department; the next pain in the Ass...General Services Junction Boxes; which were only ever fitted to Typhoons and Tempest Vs.
    Also completely unobtainable (after almost four years searching.)
    So; Off we go. Find the photos... (Oh, good... just the Hendon examples which were much later and only vaguely similar) Sort out the dimensions, method of mounting, and all the rest of the no longer surviving information... and off we go!
    The Rear GS Junction Box is complete. But the Port and Starboard ones need connectors and have been temporarily mounted to stop them from getting bashed about.
    All we need now to complete are a few Plessey breeze standard Bulkhead Sockets (4 off needed) and 4x Plessey Breeze free plugs (All size 3 shells.)
    This is what we have so far (Mostly guesstimation. but close... as far as a few grainy photos suggest.)
  • TempestV
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    • Dec 2003
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    Great work team.


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