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Spitfire PT462 joins the 'belly landing' club 27/02/19

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  • 1batfastard
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    • Jan 2013
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    Hi All,
    This update courtesy of:-

    Indy's Road to Recovery Part II.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	56262390_1205293849627280_5114297432301109248_n.jpg?_nc_cat=100&_nc_ht=scontent-lht6-1.xx&oh=cdf239695400691d10de762af316024a&oe=5D3CDCCC.jpg
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    The repairs to Indy the Spitfire have been progressing well inside the restoration hangar over the past couple of weeks. The team have made some real headway and hopefully it won't be too long before Indy takes to the skies above Imperial War Museum Duxford once more!

    The inner web repair is now complete which has enabled the undercarriage leg to be fitted into the bay. Now that the leg is back in place work can begin on fabricating the new... bay door, the new door is built from raw alloy shapes which are cut and shaped by the team down at Airframe Assemblies Ltd on the Isle of Wight.
    The repairs to Frame.5 have also been completed and it has now been re-fitted to the front of the fuselage. The next task here is to begin building up the front end of the Spitfire ready for the installation of it's freshly overhauled 27 litre V12 Merlin engine that's currently being finished by the team at Eyetech Engineering Ltd.
    Rib.1's repairs are also making good progress with the bulk of the work on the rib itself now complete. After the repairs to the rib are finished, and it's been re-fitted into the wing, our attention will begin to turn to putting Indy the Spitfire back together!
    And there we have it, part.II is a wrap! We will now begin collecting images ready for the next instalment but until then, we hope you've all enjoyed the update!

    For 20 more pictures please follow link :-



    • stuart gowans
      Not a real Spitfire
      • Dec 2005
      • 2005

      This is me having a less stupid day, what you can see here is a brass plunger that works just like a door latch in your house sprung loaded, and tapered, the "clever" bit is that it rotates via chain and cog (not shown) so that it can latch and unlatch (via the hyd rams) by a simple push or pull; I believe there is a sensor located on the main body but this system operates at fairly tight tolerances . Click image for larger version

Name:	PIC_1855.JPG
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      Why be your own worse critic, that's what the forum is for.


      • Mark12
        • Jan 2000
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        Brass? My money would be on Manganese Bronze.

        "...the story had been forensically examined and was deeply impressive. I knew that the whole story was a load of myth and baloney"


        • stuart gowans
          Not a real Spitfire
          • Dec 2005
          • 2005

          Put your money away... a slip of the tongue, a bronze alloy, of some sort! point being a really clever design, that allows for very little error in set up/operation!
          Why be your own worse critic, that's what the forum is for.


          • Brenden S
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            • Dec 2016
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            An update will be up on their facebook page within the next 24hrs The Right wing is back on. Great progress so far.


            • DazDaMan
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              • Aug 2003
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              PT462's recovery - the story so far....

              Indy's Road to Recovery Pt.III

              To help distract from those post bank holiday blues, we thought we'd bring you the next instalment of Indy the Spitfire's repair diary.

              It was a rewarding week for the repair team as the first of the Spitfire's wings was re-fitted to the fuselage! The port wing is up next, however, with Rib.1 and Inner Web repairs now complete, and the undercarriage leg back in place, this shouldn't be too far behind its starboard counterpart.

              The undercarriage bay door is edging ever closer to completion with Terry now in the final assembly stage, once he has finalised the fabrication element it will be into the paint bay for prep and finishing before going back onto aircraft.

              With the project moving at a healthy pace it shouldn't be long before we are checking in again with Pt.IV of the series. Thanks again for all of your support!
              You can see the progress here:

              Daren Cogdon

              Spitfire fanatic


              • Hooligan
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                • Mar 2017
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                AAIB report...


                • sycamore
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                  • Mar 2004
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                  Separate m/switches for each leg would be a better system,and less costly......


                  • QldSpitty
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                    • Apr 2006
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                    Electrical Gremlins.....
                    "If the C.O. ask's you to be Tail End Charlie...just shoot him!!!....A Piece of Cake.


                    • Bruce
                      Independent analyst
                      • Jan 2000
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                      There are microswitches on both legs - plunger switches on the uplocks, as well as microswitches to determine that the gear is down.


                      • Bruce
                        Independent analyst
                        • Jan 2000
                        • 10219

                        A very exhaustive report for a comparatively minor incident. Good reading.


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