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Wessex HU5 XT761 Flies!!!

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  • Historic Heli
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    • Jul 2018
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    Wessex HU5 XT761 Flies!!!

    An historic day at Historic Helicopters!
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    • Mar 2004
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    Great news! Well done!
    Our Beech 18 &
    Visit Sywell Aviation Museum @
    Sywell Airshow 17.8.2014


    • D1566
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      • Apr 2006
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      Excellent news (how do those things fly ... ? )


      • Wyvernfan
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        • Oct 2007
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        What a fantastic sight and sound. Well done all.

        Facebook page


        • Tin Triangle
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          • Dec 2009
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          Brilliant news, well done guys! Looking forward to seeing this beauty on the circuit
          Armchair enthusiast, but also a fan of sofas and recliners.


          • Pulsar-xp
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            • Mar 2012
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            Is this the only flying Wessex? I saw them flying here in the seventies. They were based in Gtersloh and sometimes they were flying out of Detmold.


            • 1batfastard
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              • Jan 2013
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              Hi All,
              I was just on and came across this news, I did try the Facebook link above but cannot sign as I do not have an account, anyway the video below was in a link provided along with a few still shots. Hearty congratulations to all the team from the bottom to the top....

              (The first time since 6th November 1986 XT761 (G-WSEX) takes to the air, The only flying Westland Wessex MK 5 in the world.)



              • ZRX61
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                • May 2005
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                At least the pilot is now signed off for hovering
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                • Fouga23
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                  • Jan 2006
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                  What a great day and what an amazing achievement!
                  Magister Aviation
                  It's all in my book


                  • J Boyle
                    With malice towards none
                    • Oct 2004
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                    Originally posted by ZRX61 View Post
                    At least the pilot is now signed off for hovering
                    And as a helicopter pilot, I can confirm that is a major miletone!

                    Well done to all involved. I heartened to see a historic helicopter being preserved and flown.

                    Helicopters have been largely been ignored by the historic aviation community for too long.
                    There are two sides to every story. The truth is usually somewhere between the two.


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