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Looking for a place to put a 40’ shipping container (Avro Anson I shipment)

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  • Whitley_Project
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    • Jan 2000
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    Looking for a place to put a 40’ shipping container (Avro Anson I shipment)

    Im due to ship a container full on Anson mk1 parts to the UK soon. Im looking for somewhere I can park it for a year. Are there any museums, or other sites in the UK that might have spare corner somewhere?

    Anson Project 2 Reynolds 13-10-30 by Elliott Smock, on Flickr

    IMG_9636 by Elliott Smock, on Flickr

    DSCN7213 by Elliott Smock, on Flickr

    DSCN7199 by Elliott Smock, on Flickr

    IMG_9666 by Elliott Smock, on Flickr

    Thanks in advance
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  • Chipmunk Carol
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    • Aug 2003
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    Which port will it be coming in to? You probably want a location between the port and its final location, next year, to reduce shipping costs.

    There are are self store companies that hire out space in containers. They already have the infrastructure of security and insurance and might be willing to rent you the ground space.
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    • Newforest
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      • Apr 2005
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      As you say, when the additional information is provided, a potential benefactor will step forward to offer free accommodation for this important project! I have been round the world 11.83 times!


      • Denis
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        • Mar 2004
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        just for consideration It will need lifting Elliot, Unless it has fork pockets, and very few 40' Shipping containers do, it will have to be lifted by crane. A standard 40' weighs between 3750kg and 3900 kg empty.
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        • TwinOtter23
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          • Jan 2006
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          With regards to lifting, most good transport companies will have a Hiab lorry capable of offloading and positioning a loaded 40 foot container - if you're struggling in that department drop me a PM and I can provide you with some contacts.
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          • tomward
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            • Sep 2014
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            If it's coming into Felixstowe container port then Bentwaters isn't a million miles away, where I can see from my office window, an aviation museum and a container storage facility. I have no links to either but you could see if either are willing to help.


            • Whitley_Project
              If in doubt apply heat..
              • Jan 2000
              • 2844

              Thanks everyone for your posts and advice - I added some pics to the first post to give it a bit more substance. The shipment will probably arrive in the northwest, so it would be logical to store it nearby but I am open to storage anywhere in the UK.

              Thanks to anyone who can help


              • TonyL1962
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                • Mar 2014
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                Can you tell us anythng about the long term plans? Looks like a great project!


                • Flat 12x2
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                  • Sep 2003
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                  I rent space in a very secure yard between Winchester & Popham Airfield, so if it came in at Southampton & not the Northeast, it would be very close. Lots of spare space available if needed in the rest of the yard.
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                  • Rocketeer
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                    • Jan 2005
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                    Lucky fellow! I always wanted a Mk1 Cockpit
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                    • VARSITY
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                      • Mar 2009
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                      There may be space locally on an airfield I live local to.


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