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Dunsfold vandalism

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  • Moggy C
    • Jan 2000
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    Dunsfold vandalism

    From elsewhere

    According to a report in 'The Sun' (which of course I do not read) for 11 Jan, vandals somehow gained access to Dunsfold airfield, badly damaging both the VC10 and the B 747 by smashing windows and instruments, ripping out seats and pulling off ceiling panels and also spraying anti semitic graffitti and swastikas on these and other aircraft. The VC10 and the 747 are usually parked near to Mike Woodley's 'Aces High' fleet.
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  • trumper
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    • Aug 2003
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    • jeepman
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      • Apr 2004
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      A post about this vandalism at Dunsfold had already been made - see page 2. Perhaps sensible to combine the two

      It would be. Regrettably in the brief time I have today I am unable to locate the 'merge' function in this version of the forum software. I'll take a look tomorrow - Moggy
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      • DH82EH
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        • Jan 2013
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        The parents must be so proud of their little Angels.


        • Archer
          Innocent bystander
          • Nov 2003
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          According to the team that looks after VC10 ZA150, the damage to the VC10 is limited to stuff having been thrown around the cabin. No broken bits or spraypaint fortunately. The 747 and a locally based twin (airworthy) suffered most of the damage.
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          • Sabrejet
            Rank 5 Registered User
            • Mar 2010
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            I do have to wonder how they got in: airstairs in situ and doors not locked? None of which excuses this, but maybe measures could have been put in place? Plus if I recall these aircraft are a fair way from the perimeter fence, so again I do wonder.


            • John Green
              Rank 5 Registered User
              • Mar 2011
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              I would like to stress that, to the best of my knowledge this matter is entirely unconnected with any attempt to discredit the use of Dunsfold as an airfield thus rendering it more acceptable as a housing estate.


              • Creaking Door
                Rank 5 Registered User
                • Sep 2006
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                Housing estate built over a Battle-of-Britain airfield, no problem.....housing estate built over the Top Gear test track? NEVER!


                • aeronut 2008
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                  • Jan 2008
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                  Well I wouldnt want to move to live on an estate in an area with a known vandalism problem.
                  As an observation, I did wonder what use the security man at Dunsfold actually did as I drove in and out unmolested the week before last when I collected an Islander tail plane from Aces High. And before anyone suggests it, NO I didnt vandalise the VC10 or Jumbo - although we did have a good look.


                  • Stratosphere
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                    • Feb 2014
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                    As A former Worker in the Security industry( 10 years, Guard/Dog Handler/ Management) I feel I should share my Experiences.
                    For a Start the bigger the non retail industrial area to protect, Less staff, Probably one,Staff cost Money that landlords do not like spending. I have worked at former Military airfields now redundant and they are a nightmare to try and protect because of the size, ie perimeter several square miles plus various buildings. Criminals will use any violence they think needed to get away .Police response times due to cuts are poor.
                    Most owners only have you as a condition of insurance/Lower premiums. On a large sight it is not unusual to employ multiple clock patrol points that have to be visited and swiped to prove they have been checked.
                    Add to that other tasks you are given including cleaning, moving rubbish etc with no say in the matter.
                    Add to that no self defense equipment allowed and the minimum wage making trying to get quality motivated staff difficult and subsequent staff turnover high, glad I am retired.


                    • John Green
                      Rank 5 Registered User
                      • Mar 2011
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                      I can understand the reluctance to commit scarce resources to guard large open areas complete with isolated buildings and artefacts but, there is another perhaps more cost effective way; drones.

                      Drones, fitted with either infra red cameras for night patrolling and day cameras for other times. One operator only, would easily be capable of launching half a dozen route programed drones able to track real and potential offenders anywhere across open space. Once Plod, however reluctantly, attends and puts numbers in front of the local Beak and word gets around the local prep school for burglars and provided - this is the biggy - that the Judiciary do their job and award a few deterrent sentences, then the problem might just disappear.


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