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Always check those filler caps! - P-40 Oil Leak Emergency

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  • Bradburger
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    • Jan 2000
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    Always check those filler caps! - P-40 Oil Leak Emergency

    From Warbird display pilot Thom Richard - a lesson to always double check those oil and fuel filler caps!


    The most usless commodity in aerobatics is the amount of sky above you!
  • DH82EH
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    • Jan 2013
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    Thom always does great videos.
    I saw this same thing happen to Bob Baranaskis while displaying at Geneseo NY (in the P-40 in which, he was later, tragically lost).
    I was working on the oil crew (delivering, not servicing). It looks like all to easy of a "gotcha!"
    The mess was not quite as bad, as his routine was not aerobatic. I helped him with the clean up.
    Given the location of the cap it would likely be the last thing to check before strapping in.


    • trumper
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      • Aug 2003
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      Well done him on the landing,glad it didn't get worse .A fine line between being ok and something more serious.


      • Rocketeer
        Left to do other things
        • Jan 2005
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        This sharing of info is excellent for common learning, flight safety and worth a good show. Top chap, pleasure to talk to. Oil filler caps seem to remain an issue not just on warbirds but all aircraft
        Tony Dyer


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