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British Airways 100th Anniversary

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  • AMB
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    • Sep 2008
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    British Airways 100th Anniversary

    I see British Airways are planning to commemorate a somewhat tenuous '100th Anniversary' this year by repainting a couple of aircraft, hopefully in BEA and BOAC liveries.

    The original British Airways Ltd was a British airline company operating in Europe in the period 1935–1939. It was formed in 1935 by the merger of Spartan Air Lines Ltd, United Airways Ltd (no relation to the US carrier United Airlines), and Hillman's Airways. If today’s BA wants to relate to this, that would make them only 89 years old this year. The starting point from which the carrier measures this unlikely longevity is August 25, 1919 – the day a tiny airline called Aircraft Transport and Travel began the world’s first scheduled international air service, from London to Paris. Aircraft Transport and Travel went bankrupt the following year and was merged into the new Daimler Airway, which in turn merged with three airlines in 1924 to form Imperial Airways. In 1939, that airline was incorporated into the British Overseas Airways Corporation, which merged with British European Airways to form the current British Airways, on March 31, 1974. Therefore the current British Airways is only 45 years old this year!
  • Runway06
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    • Jan 2010
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    Will be great to see the BOAC and BEA liveries back in our skies. The 747 albeit a 400 series will probably be the nearest match for the BOAC scheme.


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