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Fraser Nash gun turret design drawings

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  • FlamingPencil
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    • Dec 2018
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    Fraser Nash gun turret design drawings

    I hope someone can help me identify if my grandfather’s design drawings (attached) for a ‘special pump’ are for a Fraser Nash gun turret and, if so,what role the pump played and in which turrets it may have been used.

    By way way of background, from 1936 to 1947 my grandfather, Eric Pendleton Adams, was employed by Parnall Aircraft Limited as a Senior draughtsman in aircraft armament. In 1947 he joined Bristol Aeroplane Company where he designed the Bristol Britannia, Bristol 188 and Concorde. I understand that during the war Parnall focused on building the Fraser Nash gun turrets. This leads me to believe that the attached designs found in the family records are for the Fraser Nash turrets. I have always been told that he worked on the rear gun turret of the Lancaster which would make it the FN 20 but this is not confirmed. The attached designs are for a ‘special pump’ and are dated 31 December 1945.

    Any help in identifying if the designs are for a Fraser Nash gun turret as well as the model it was used on and the role of the pump would be much appreciated. Also if anyone knows who may still hold the design drawings for the turrets that would also be very helpful as I would like to find more of his design drawings.

    Thank you in anticipation.

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