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Avro Arrow replica finds new home

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  • Lysanderlover
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    • May 2015
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    Avro Arrow replica finds new home
  • 1batfastard
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    • Jan 2013
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    Hi All,
    Lysanderiover - Thanks for posting those links, I have tried searching for the thread that was started a couple of months ago but to no avail... The news is good and it will go to a good home that it has long deserved IMHO. If you didn't know better it's as if somebody was trying to forget the aircraft ever existed or at the very least keep it out of the limelight ?......

    Anyway here is a related video and article from the same source about the move.

    Article below courtesy of :- One of the most technically advanced planes of Canada's Air Force history has a new home. A replica of the Avro Arrow Interceptor jet will be at the forefront of a new museum in Edenvale, Ontario. Milan Kroupa, owner of the Edenvale Aerodrome acquired and covered all the costs for the replica which was built by original Avro Arrow engineers in late 1990.

    In October of 1957, Canada introduced the military jet and its state-of-the-art technology at an awe-inspiring performance. But the interceptor came with a hefty price tag, one the Canadian Government was not prepared to accept. The five produced planes were eventually destroyed. I think it was a big mistake made by not continuing with it, said Kroupa. I think it's an airplane that will never die. Along with the military jet, Kroupa also acquired ten truckloads of other aviation artifacts which he calls hidden treasures. There are four more planes there, said Kroupa, one of them is a Tiger Moth in fantastic shape.

    The Avro Arrow and other pieces of Canadian aviation history will be part of the Canadian Air and Space Conservancy, a museum of aviation history. We will be able to share it with thousands of people, even tourists that are coming here, said Kroupa, it will be a great attraction.

    Construction for the Conservancy is expected to start next year and will take about two 2 years to complete. Kroupa says the public wont have to wait two years to see the Avro Arrow, and promises to have the legendary Canadian aircraft on display this summer.

    I wish Mr Kroupa every success with his endeavour just a pity it has taken so long for this truly remarkable part of the Arrow story to get the proper recognition it and all those involved deserve and shame on those who couldn't bother they're collective backsides to get a proper home before.

    Well done Mr Kroupa.........

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    • Fouga23
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      • Jan 2006
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      Great outcome
      Magister Aviation
      It's all in my book


      • Dave Hadfield
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        • Mar 2013
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        I spoke to him last night at the Edenvale tenants Christmas party (we keep the RV6a there), and the plan is to build a new large structure to house the Arrow and the rest of the collection. 2020 target date. In the meantime everything will be stored in smaller hangars around the airfield. No public access for now.


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