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  • Tony C
    Rank 5 Registered User
    • May 2003
    • 386

    The floating page on my Mac is still an annoying issue...

    ...and pray that there's intelligent life somewhere up in Space cos there's bugg*r all down here on Earth!


    • avion ancien
      Long ago and far away ...
      • Aug 2007
      • 5336

      I'm with you, me109g4 and Stratofreighter. I ceased to receive e-mail notifications, of new posts to threads to which I am subscribed, about the same time as the first of the 'improvements' came on stream. I've tried to restore these by resetting my settings, but to no avail. I've looked for other ways to remedy this, but every one has proved to be a blind alley. But I have now to say that I actually prefer not to be receiving notifications - because I'm not tempted to make repeat visits to this forum to view those new posts. Instead I find it preferable to visit the forum far less frequently than I did, in pre-'improvement' days, and use these occasional visits to see if anything of interest has appeared over the preceding few days.


      • K5054NZ
        Rank 5 Registered User
        • May 2008
        • 1138

        The only issue I've experienced is when visiting a previously-visited thread, using the "new posts" icon: rather than going to the first unseen post in the thread I end up on the third or fourth post up the page...which I saw on my last visit. Odd, but not a major problem as it just means I say "Humph" and scroll down for a second or two.

        I still struggle with the lack of easy quote function. The only forum I've ever visited where it's been removed, rather than its misuse punished/enforced. I imagine it was a lot more work than the mods could do.
        "those who know keep quiet, and those who don't are frowned upon for asking." - snafu


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