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Projects Wants And Trades 2019

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  • Nicko
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    • Mar 2013
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    Projects Wants And Trades 2019

    I posted a load of wants and parts available for trade at the time when the Forum was going through a really hard time - coming to terms with its new incarnation - and I think that my post got no airplay at all, and the whole thread seems to have disappeared into the past. So I am trying again!

    I'm looking for parts for single-seat Vampire and DH.108 projects:

    Smiths Desynn Position Indicator ('Transmitter'), eg 170FL, 315FL, as shown below.
    Undercarriage Indicator, nose wheel type, 6A/1009
    (Burner) Pressure gauge, 6A/1579
    Oil Pressure, 6A/1563
    Artificial Horizon HL5, 6A/2717
    Brake Pressure triple gauge, G6A/2157 (303PG)
    Cabin pressure, 6A/1749
    Sensitive ASI Type F-1, 106A/1110
    Fuses 5C/881, 10 amp, type S
    Fuses 5CZ/550, 40 amp, type E
    Radio Control Unit Type 295, Y10L/151
    SCR-695 Selector Unit Type BC-965-A - Y110L/59A
    SCR-695 Control Unit Type BC-958-A - Y110L/56A
    Vampire Fuel Panel (early type to suit 5 fuel gauges & clock) - B001893A, B00593 or B00597 - Fuel gauges not required
    Cross mounting tube for instrument panels - B0049A

    Also interested in most single-seat Vampire parts ('anything'); partnumbers such as A00, B00, N00 series, etc.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	170FL Smiths cr sml.jpg
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Size:	117.7 KB
ID:	3842491

    I have the following to trade - multiples of some:

    Oxygen Cylinder Pressure - US Army Type K-1
    SHP x 100 - 6A/33?? - Gannet?
    Steering indicator Mk.1 - 9/979 - Beaufort
    0-70 Carb Temp - 606-T-86 - Ventura, C-47A
    Oxygen lb x 100 - KDG Crawley
    Fuel 0-40 Gals - 1867FG/SB
    Fuel Pressure 0-25 - AN5771-1 - Beaufort, Airacobra, P-39D, C-47, Hudson, etc
    Rad Temp 0 - 350C - 77MV/SB
    0-120 psi Oil Pressure - 260PG/SB
    0-350C Cyl Temp - G6A/2125-002
    Cabin Heat & Pressure - G6A/2713-002
    Boost -4 to +24 - 6A/2683
    Cabin height - PW/73AM
    Radio Compass Indicator I-82-A - Bendix/US Army
    Cabin Pressure - 417PG - G6A/500213
    Astro compass element
    Gun firing air pressure - G6A/3338 - AHO3386 - Anson
    Pressure 0-150 psi - 6A/2235
    Gallons 0-400 - G6A/500226, 504FG
    Gallons 0-500 - 6A/1215
    Gallons 0-300, No.3 Tank - 6A/?788, 799FG
    Gallons 0-137, Main tank - 6A/1871, 744FG
    Air pressure, 0-600 psi, Mk.VIIIF - 6A/1596

    Happy to provide more photos (eg backside of instrument) for any of these by request.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Instruments for trade 1.jpg
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ID:	3842492Click image for larger version

Name:	Instruments for trade 2.jpg
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ID:	3842493Click image for larger version

Name:	Instruments for trade 3.jpg
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Name:	Instruments for trade 4.jpg
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Name:	Instruments for trade 5.jpg
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  • CeBro
    Rank 5 Registered User
    • Sep 2009
    • 2122

    I got a Marconi T1154 B transmitter that is missing it's acess cover with the frequency chart on the front and the fuses on the back. Any out there?


    • XX764
      Rank 3 Registered User
      • Apr 2018
      • 7

      Am on the lookout for Jaguar GR.1 parts, both airframe and cockpit although my cockpit shopping list is not too long.



      • flyingblind
        Rank 5 Registered User
        • Oct 2011
        • 387


        This is probably going to be a long shot but I'm looking for a set of Hawker Tempest V, series 1, front wing spars for an up and coming project details of which will be posted separately.
        I currently have a set of Hawker Tempest II front wing spars. Unless I can find the correct ones I will have to use the Tempest II one's
        Am also looking for Typhoon/Tempest parts that can be added to a cockpit rebuild such as tubes either broken or complete. I have some Typhoon, Spitfire and Hurricane parts to trade..
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        • Thunderbird167
          607 Squadron & NELSAM
          • Sep 2005
          • 990

          Looking for a Chipmunk Propeller

          Have lots of other chipmunk bits to trade
          Dave Charles
          Historian 607 (County of Durham) Squadron
          Chair North East Land Sea Air Museums (NELSAM)


          • Whitley_Project
            If in doubt apply heat..
            • Jan 2000
            • 2835

            Originally posted by Thunderbird167 View Post
            Looking for a Chipmunk Propeller

            Have lots of other chipmunk bits to trade
            I found a Chipmunk prop in California recently but the guy wanted silly money for it Dave


            • Keith
              Rank 5 Registered User
              • Oct 2007
              • 62

              I'm looking for parts of the two mig-29's from the fairford crash in 1993.


              • coldkiwi1
                Rank 5 Registered User
                • Jan 2011
                • 58

                A very long shot, but I am looking for Japanese WW2 instruments - in particular any engine related instruments. I have WW2 Japanese, WW1 and WW2 English , WW2 American instruments available as trade items. Thanks


                • HR339
                  Rank 5 Registered User
                  • Aug 2010
                  • 55

                  We (Ferrymead Mosquito Project) have the following radio boxes available for trade:
                  A1134 Intercom amplifier, including crate and most of the mountings (the bungees on the other side will be fitted, but batteries not included):

                  R1155 HF Receiver (4 off, one very original and 3 hacked about variously). We can include some of the Jones plugs for the set and the connector to the power supply

                  Rebecca Mk IV Indicator unit Type 208 10QB/6130

                  We are after:
                  R.3121 or R.3090 IFF Transponder (the US version SCR 595/695 would do)
                  Type 90 IFF Aerial
                  A1271 Beam Approach Amplifier
                  Beam Approach Aerial 10B/496
                  Voltage Control Panel Type 3 or Type C3
                  UV Lighting Resistance Box 5C/1879

                  (We also have a wants list of smaller items). We are in NZ, but the problem is unlikely to be insurmountable. Please PM me if you have any interest in these items and anything to trade with.

                  Alex Liggett
                  DH98 Mosquito HR 339 Restoration - Christchurch, NZ
                  HR339 restoration on Facebook
                  FAS - Givealittle


                  • Taifun
                    Rank 5 Registered User
                    • Sep 2003
                    • 256

                    We need a DC3 / C47 throttle box and both sets of rudder pedals. Or indeed something that looks similar, its for a studio mock up. Any offers most appreciated!


                    • Aerosquip
                      Rank 5 Registered User
                      • Nov 2013
                      • 14

                      I'm looking for B-17 turbos..bit of a long shot but I have a friend in Phoenix, USA, who would like some. Thanks in advance!


                      • 12jaguar
                        Rank 5 Registered User
                        • Apr 2007
                        • 1624

                        still after a 6H356 autopilot controller for our Stirling

                        see pics here:



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