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Projects Wants And Trades 2019

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  • Nicko
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    Projects Wants And Trades 2019

    I posted a load of wants and parts available for trade at the time when the Forum was going through a really hard time - coming to terms with its new incarnation - and I think that my post got no airplay at all, and the whole thread seems to have disappeared into the past. So I am trying again!

    I'm looking for parts for single-seat Vampire and DH.108 projects:

    Smiths Desynn Position Indicator ('Transmitter'), eg 170FL, 315FL, as shown below.
    Undercarriage Indicator, nose wheel type, 6A/1009
    (Burner) Pressure gauge, 6A/1579
    Oil Pressure, 6A/1563
    Artificial Horizon HL5, 6A/2717
    Brake Pressure triple gauge, G6A/2157 (303PG)
    Cabin pressure, 6A/1749
    Sensitive ASI Type F-1, 106A/1110
    Fuses 5C/881, 10 amp, type S
    Fuses 5CZ/550, 40 amp, type E
    Radio Control Unit Type 295, Y10L/151
    SCR-695 Selector Unit Type BC-965-A - Y110L/59A
    SCR-695 Control Unit Type BC-958-A - Y110L/56A
    Vampire Fuel Panel (early type to suit 5 fuel gauges & clock) - B001893A, B00593 or B00597 - Fuel gauges not required
    Cross mounting tube for instrument panels - B0049A

    Also interested in most single-seat Vampire parts ('anything'); partnumbers such as A00, B00, N00 series, etc.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	170FL Smiths cr sml.jpg
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Size:	117.7 KB
ID:	3842491

    I have the following to trade - multiples of some:

    Oxygen Cylinder Pressure - US Army Type K-1
    SHP x 100 - 6A/33?? - Gannet?
    Steering indicator Mk.1 - 9/979 - Beaufort
    0-70 Carb Temp - 606-T-86 - Ventura, C-47A
    Oxygen lb x 100 - KDG Crawley
    Fuel 0-40 Gals - 1867FG/SB
    Fuel Pressure 0-25 - AN5771-1 - Beaufort, Airacobra, P-39D, C-47, Hudson, etc
    Rad Temp 0 - 350C - 77MV/SB
    0-120 psi Oil Pressure - 260PG/SB
    0-350C Cyl Temp - G6A/2125-002
    Cabin Heat & Pressure - G6A/2713-002
    Boost -4 to +24 - 6A/2683
    Cabin height - PW/73AM
    Radio Compass Indicator I-82-A - Bendix/US Army
    Cabin Pressure - 417PG - G6A/500213
    Astro compass element
    Gun firing air pressure - G6A/3338 - AHO3386 - Anson
    Pressure 0-150 psi - 6A/2235
    Gallons 0-400 - G6A/500226, 504FG
    Gallons 0-500 - 6A/1215
    Gallons 0-300, No.3 Tank - 6A/?788, 799FG
    Gallons 0-137, Main tank - 6A/1871, 744FG
    Air pressure, 0-600 psi, Mk.VIIIF - 6A/1596

    Happy to provide more photos (eg backside of instrument) for any of these by request.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Instruments for trade 1.jpg
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ID:	3842492Click image for larger version

Name:	Instruments for trade 2.jpg
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ID:	3842493Click image for larger version

Name:	Instruments for trade 3.jpg
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ID:	3842494Click image for larger version

Name:	Instruments for trade 4.jpg
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Name:	Instruments for trade 5.jpg
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