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Low Flying C130? 6/10/18 Braintree Area

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  • Trolly Aux
    Rank 5 Registered User
    • May 2006
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    Low Flying C130? 6/10/18 Braintree Area

    Did anyone see a very low flying possibly C130 0ver the area of Braintree Essex yesterday, from our view maybe 3 or 4 miles to the south it looked to be not much more than 500 feet AGL could not of been B-17 or Lancaster any ideas?
    TA out
  • Chris Cussen
    Rank 5 Registered User
    • Jul 2012
    • 91

    You call that low?! Over here in the Blackmore Vale (Somerset/Dorset) I've been on a hill top 140m height, and looked down on a C130 in the valley below, valley floor is 76m.


    • Sabrejet
      Rank 5 Registered User
      • Mar 2010
      • 1728

      Yep - same down our way in the Vale of Pewsey (or a bit west): Hercs, Merlins, Chinooks and Osprey are all regular visitors to our roof tiles. And lately the A400Ms have joined in too. Quite impressive when you're ready for it but less of a lark at 2am when you're dreaming of Spitfires (honest dear).


      • J Boyle
        With malice towards none
        • Oct 2004
        • 9733

        I can't imagine any 4 engine types that have any business at 500 feet other than Hercules or A400s.
        I'd like to think the BBMF or Sally B crews would know better.
        Likewise, P-3 operators...(a forum reader recently mistook one for a B-17).
        There are two sides to every story. The truth is usually somewhere between the two.


        • Bazza333
          Rank 5 Registered User
          • Aug 2006
          • 159

          A few years ago on cricket tour south of Minehead 3 Herc's flew over the ground so low you could see (but not read) the stencilling on the fuselages. Very impressive.


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