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Chinese P-40 Recovery from lake

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  • Lysanderlover
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    • May 2015
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    Chinese P-40 Recovery from lake
  • DH82EH
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    • Jan 2013
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    Looking forward to an I.D.


    • DaveM2
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      • Jan 2000
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      Most likely a Mock up for a film according to the last line of the translated text:

      "On October 18th, Beijing time, the video of the suspected American Flying Tigers fighters during World War II was discovered in the docks near Xiaoxianwan Village, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. The video shows that a black crane was lifted from a seaside crane in Xiangshan, Zhejiang Province. There are more than a dozen people wearing yellow vests and a drone at the beach. Some people broke the news that the P40 US military eagle fighter was discovered in the waters near Xiaoxianwan Village during World War II. Some netizens said that the Japanese fighters were salvaged in the video. On October 19th, Lu Medias New Beijing News reported that the officially verified response said that the video transmitted by the network was filmed by a film and television drama, and was not salvaged by a fighter."


      • KurtB
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        • Feb 2018
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        Yes, the wing dihedral and fin/rudder shape is wrong for a P-40. At least China are clearing some plastic out of the sea!


        • Tin Triangle
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          • Dec 2009
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          It did look a bit good to be true!
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