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Folland Gnat XR992

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    Folland Gnat XR992

    Can anyone confirm which unit(s) Gnat XR992 served with prior to service with the Yellowjacks and Red Arrows aerobatic teams?

    4FTS. The Yellowjacks was not a formal unit


      Thanks WebPilot, I don't suppose you know which aircraft number it carrier on the nose/tail whilst with 4 FTS?


        As far as I can tell it was delivered to 4FTS on 5.6.64 & painted yellow straight away with no code. At the end of the season it went to 5MU on 1.10.64, the following year it emerged in scarlet, w/o 16.12.69
        Regards Taff


          Thanks Taff, was hoping it had been in the standard training scheme beforehand.


            HQ2 out


              I have a very informative little Paul Jackson monograph "Hawker Siddeley Gnat" published by Alan W. Hall Publications/Aviation News, although undated. 34 x A5 pages, mainly providing aircraft histories. Agrees with what has been stated so far.

              XR992 (C/no. FL586), first flight 8.5.64. Awaiting collection 1.6.64 and delivered to RAF Valley 5.6.64, taken on charge by 4 FTS on 8.6.64.

              Appropriately painted it flew with the 4 FTS Yellowjacks team summer 1964, until delivered to No. 5MU at Kemble on 1.10.64 for an overall scarlet re-spray.

              On 12.2.65 transferred to CFS for the Red Arrows aerobatic team. Apart from a recondition by HSA between 24.9.68 and 20.3.69 it remained with the Unit until w/o.

              On 16.12.69 whilst flying with the team on aerobatic practice, the pilot mis-heard a radioed fire-warning intended for another aircraft (XR995) and baled out of a perfectly serviceable XR992.

              Aircraft struck off charge the same day.

              The potted history, clearly compiled using the already illustrated history card, ducks the question as to what colour scheme it was delivered in, but as one of the first 3 aircraft delivered specifically for the Yellowjacks it would likely be in the yellow scheme - in which case XR992 would never have been in standard training colours.

              Any other Gnat histories wanted, then the monograph is in my bookcase!