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ARCo Lysander flies!

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  • Propstrike
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    • Mar 2004
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    Indeed, a credit would be super, but I did not know who the photographer is/was, which is why I did not post the image, but rather a link to address where it was to be found.

    The only text to be found on the Yahoo generated image is some refererence to the worlds best photos of the Norwegian airforce, so it may be that someone else has copied and re-posted your picture.

    I agree that wherever possible, photographers should be credited.


    • SE5AFAN
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      No worries
      Sitting on a cornflake, waiting for the van to come.


      • scotavia
        • Nov 2005
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        se5a fan....its a good idea to place a credit line onto every pic you post on line, otherwise you risk them becoming orphan works, they wander the net and get shared again and again with no credit and a credit line makes it easier for any commercial user to contact you to agree fees.


        • Archer
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          • Nov 2003
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          Originally posted by JohnTerrell
          Unfortunately, due to Kermit Weeks having owned both V9312 and V9545 (the one he still owns), there are a lot of photos on the web of V9545 that are incorrectly labeled as being V9312.
          My apologies, when I tried to post my previous message (#17) the board showed a database error but I only just noticed that it did end up online. I thought it had disappeared in cyberspace. I had not read the two messages by JohnTerrell and David Burke at that point.

          Thanks for clearing up the confusion between the two Lysanders everyone!

          As for credits on photos, I do that with all my photos these days, only to find them reposted on Facebook with the line removed only days later. And I don't want to plaster my name all over an image, so it's a race I cannot win. Oh well...
          A Little VC10derness - A Tribute to the Vickers VC10 -


          • Danwheeler65
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            • Mar 2016
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            I remember seeing G-BCWL at Brian Woodfords small hanger at Chalmington back in around 1989-1991 (not completely sure of exact date) I was shown around it by George Burden who flew some of the aircraft in the collection. I know that they had quite a bit of trouble getting the Mercury running properly. They also had an Antonov An-2 parked outside on my visit.


            • 1batfastard
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              • Jan 2013
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              Hi All,
              Just found this footage below via the ARCO Faceache page

              What an incredible weekend at The Goodwood Revival !

              We are very proud to bring home 2nd place for the Lizzie and 3rd place for the Blenheim in this year's Freddie March Spirit of Aviation Concours and would like to extend a huge, heartfelt congratulations to Sarah Hanna and the rest of the MH434 team for the very well deserved 1st place!

              Thank you to everyone who came to see us in the Freddie March arena over the three days! There will be some photos to drop later in the week but for now we just thought we'd try and distract you from any Monday blues with this short clip we captured of the Lizzie on her way down to Goodwood Aviation Airfield on Thursday afternoon... Enjoy!

              #engineeredtoinspire at The Goodwood Revival.



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