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Single Seat II-2 Lake Recovery Russia this week?

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    Single Seat II-2 Lake Recovery Russia this week?

    Found via Facebook

    CAnt Find A way to link but have sonar picture and dive image

    This week, during the period August 08-10, 2018, we lift from the lake in the murmansk region single stormtrooper il-2 Captain А.И.Каличева!

    The Stormtrooper Commander of the 3th Squadron of 46 shap hof captain а.и.каличева was hit by 22.08.1943 at the assault of the enemy airfield of luostari in the murmansk region. Despite the damage, the pilot continued to turmovku and then was able to return to his territory and plant a plane to the surface of the lake. The plane sank and is now at a depth of 18 m.
    Given the alleged minor nature of the damage, the soft landing and the ilistye deposits at the bottom of the lake, it is possible to assume a high degree of safety of the aircraft
    Work is performed according to the decision of the "Commission of the ministry of defence of the Russian Federation on the identification and preservation of military-technical history and erect" from 13.04.2018. After the lift, the plane will be delivered to novosibirsk for its restoration

    On the lake, the work of media representatives is allowed.

    Kaličev Alexander Ivanovich
    1909 years of birth.
    Member of ccbp-1942
    Participant of patriotic war
    in the of air force from 10 may 1942 to 29 January 1943
    in the of air force from 29 January 1943
    Captain, major, Lieutenant Colonel
    from the army quit in 55 Lived to 84-85 g.

    Order no. 77 of 3 December 1942 awarded the order of the red banner
    Order no. 11 of 1 September 1943 awarded the order of "Patriotic War 1 degree"
    ORDER OF 3 November 1944 awarded the medal "for martial merit"
    ORDER OF 3 April 1945 awarded the medal "for the defence of the caucasus" L #034512
    Order of 30 April 1945 awarded the order of the red star
    OF 6 April 1985 awarded the order of "Patriotic War 2 degree"
    Weather - Fair with cloudy patches, clear by early evening.

    More info on this?
    Do17 recovery fund
    Since 2004 dedicated to researching Do-17, 1000+ period photos, manuals, history, technology to put aircraft in perspective.


      This news was announced this morning by the Russian-based "Wings of Victory Foundation", which helps promote and fund the restorations and flying operations of WWII warbirds in Russia. Not much yet, but a few related photos were posted with the announcement here:

      There will be more to see at the end of the week when the aircraft is pulled up.

      It is felt that the aircraft is in great condition, all things considered - a controlled forced landing on the lake in '43 (not a crash), the depth for which it rests, and the silty base of the lake likely having provided a good cushion. Following the recovery, the aircraft will be sent to Boris Osetinsky's Aviarestoration company in Novosibirsk to be restored to fly - the same company that restored the other two flying Sturmoviks.
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        The aircraft was retrieved from the lake today (photos posted on the Facebook page I linked to above). As the organization states, this aircraft will be flying in a few years time.

        Here is just a selection of the photos posted on Facebook by the Wings of Victory Foundation.



          Fantastic discovery and recovery. What a great looking airframe. Makes you wonder what else might be waiting to be found in the vast forests and lakes of that part of the world.


            Hi All,
            I agree with Chad Veich the first thing that struck me was how well the airframe looked, just hope they can get the restoration to conserve it as soon
            as they get it back to wherever, Well done all.....

            paulmcmillan& John Terrell - Thanks for the OP and the pictures....



              For those not on Facebook, here are more photos by the Russian Wings of Victory Foundation - since the recovery yesterday, work has been on initial cleaning and disassembly of the aircraft for shipping to Aviarestoration.


              As I believe was the case with the previous two flying IL-2 restorations, they're thinking that a good portion of the metal parts and fittings will be able to be reused in the restoration to get it flying.


                Thanks for posting those links John (along with all the cool info you post. I really enjoy it, along with your expertise)
                I bet they'll even be able to straighten and reuse that prop!

                That's a Klimov V-12 correct?
                I bet it gets replaced with an Allison.



                  Some good pics here



                    Have they found the rest of the fuselage ? I hope they don't destroy all this history to make a data plate restoration


                      Rear fuselage of the Il-2 is wooden structure and skin so in all probability nothing survives of that section other than fittings, at least in any meaningful sense.


                        As Vampirefan states, the rear fuselage/empenage section, including the vertical stabilizer, is made of wood and is always long gone in these recoveries. Completely new sections were made by Aviarestoration in the previous two IL-2's they restored to fly (they may already have just such a section already underway or ready to go, having anticipated doing another one). The metal horizontal stabilizers, elevators and rudder were recovered. As I mentioned previously, the belief is that they'll be able to use a lot of the metal components in the restoration (as was the case with the previous two IL-2 flying restorations).


                          News report with Boris.


                          Aviarestoration built a number of near rear fuselages but these were for the two seater. The have the jigs and drawings to produce one for this single seater. As John said, a lot of the metalwork including the armour and majority of the wings, undercarroage, tailplane and rudder structure will be tested and reused. Undoubtedly, it will be re-engined with an Allison even though they did have a working AM-38 I recall. Look forward to seeing this one restored as well.


                            Oh dear, one Daily Mail caption calls it a fighter jet.


                              The chap at 2.10 in the news report looks as though he's trying to start it. I think it will take a bit more work than that...

                              "Snow clearing equipment has been found under snowdrift" - message sent from RNAS Hatston, Orkney, 1944.