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A Storch on a trip ...

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    A Storch on a trip ...

    Hello everyone,

    I would like to share with you the last trip of our storch, or more precisely Morane-Saulnier MS506L.
    Indeed, the association AVA (Albert Vintage Aircraft) based on the Albert field in the Somme near Amiens ( France ), was asked by our English friends, to make the crossing for the joiners on the occasion of the Battle of Britain Air Show, by Aero Legends, at Headcorne Field on Saturday, June 30, and North Weald Air-Britain participation on Sunday, July 1st.

    It was an unforgettable weekend and a great success for this young association.
    So what better than to share with you these wonderful moments aboard this aircraft.

    Everything begins on Friday, June 29 at Albert-Bray Airport - LFAQ.
    The morning is devoted to the preparation of the machine.

    Flight plan. It is decided that we will take the direction of Abbeville then Berck sur Mer, before going up the coast to Cap Gris Nez.

    3:35 pm, it is already time to leave.

    But before taking the direction of Abbeville, we make a stop on Amiens, to refuel.

    4:15 pm, the full is done, the mae west is strapped ... it left for a flight of about 2 hours, depending on the direction of the wind .... in the direction of Lashenden.

    A great journey!

    Thanks for coming - and thanks for sharing your photos!

    Looking forward to seeing more!
    Listening out for something interesting approaching...


      Quite an adventure in a Storch, although I'm guessing not as thirsty as it would be with an Argus! What is the replacement engine?

      An interesting thread, please post more!
      "Talking about airplanes is a very pleasant mental disease." Sergei Sikorsky


        A Lycoming apparently.

        Fanaviation, what's the aircraft behind the Storch in the hangar? Not the Baron, the taildragger...

        Glad you enjoyed your visit, hope you will be back again soon!


          Originally posted by Hooligan
          Fanaviation, what's the aircraft behind the Storch in the hangar? Not the Baron, the taildragger...
          Looks a bit like an Alcyon:
          A Little VC10derness - A Tribute to the Vickers VC10 -


            Ah thanks, that could well it!


              Tks for your comments

              Yes, it's a Lycoming engine.
              He is more safe to cross the channel ;-)
              Argus engine is a delicate engine, and it's expensive to keep it running.

              Behind the Storch, it's a Morane Saulnier MS 733 Alcyon


                Storchs don't fly in the conventional sense. They are so butt-ugly that the earth repels them! Actually, I do have a soft spot for the Storch, but pretty it is not.

                "Snow clearing equipment has been found under snowdrift" - message sent from RNAS Hatston, Orkney, 1944.




                    Do you like our beautiful beaches in the north of France?

                    Le Crotoy

                    Berck sur Mer


                    Le Touquet Paris-Plage

                    Sainte Ccile Plage

                    Plage d'Ecault

                    Boulogne sur Mer, with the largest aquarium in Europe: Nausicaa[/size]


                    The fort of Ambleteuse

                    Audresselles is behind us

                    Remains of the Todt batteries in Audinghen

                    Cap gris nez

                    We already see the English coast. Magic

                    To be continued ...


                      Lovely and great to see the aeroplane and its shadow in the shots!

                      I think F-BDXM and I coincided on an airfield once way back in the mists of time...


                        Beautiful photos and some history thrown in...thank you!


                          What a facinating post,looking forward to the updates.

                          Regards Mike


                            Fantastic shots and diary of the trip - thank you for sharing


                              Stunning. Many thanx
                              Tony Dyer


                                Nice thread, I look forward to seeing more.

                                Here's a couple of mine of your aircraft departing Headcorn.

                                25 by DanB, on Flickr

                                26 by DanB, on Flickr
                                UK Airshow Review


                                  Marvellous photos.......Thanks for sharing.


                                    Tks for your comments and tks LN Strike Eagle for this pics

                                    Let's go to the crossing. Time : 20 min. The wind is calm, we keep a good pace.

                                    Cap Gris Nez is behind us

                                    Shuttle between Calais and Dover in action


                                    We are already near The White Cliffs of Dover

                                    with the port of Dover to our right

                                    We take the direction of Ashford

                                    with Ashford Designer Outlet

                                    A few minutes later, the Headcorn field is already in sight, with the presence of the Aero Legends warbirds. But we'll talk about it a little later ...

                                    Wind back, hand left, and we line up

                                    After a trip of 2 hours, we put the wheels and the feet in English ground, the smile on the lips

                                    A German plane on the English field. Alert!


                                      Lovely photos, a perfect summer trip. It looks as though there was a bit of a crosswind on finals !


                                        Originally posted by Propstrike View Post
                                        Lovely photos, a perfect summer trip. It looks as though there was a bit of a crosswind on finals !
                                        Tks for your comments.
                                        Yes I confirm for the wind