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Sophie Raworth on BBC News

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    Sophie Raworth on BBC News

    A bit late in posting, but Sophie Raworth is on BBC News 24 now hosting a programme about her grandfather who was an RFC pilot. Stow Maries features prominently. Hopefully it will appear on BBC iPlayer for those who are not watching..,,
    I like being grey - it means I can worry without it showing!

    I caught a little of it while surfing the News side bar. But as soon as I saw her rainbow LGBT shirt obviously being displayed in support of the London rally
    it just turned me off. Again somebody making a personal statement bringing their own politics into a subject that shouldn't contain any, sorry but wasn't
    impressed by that stunt and it showed little respect IMHO for not only her Grandfather but others who have had family connected to the RFC...
    Really? I’ve seen her in the tee shirt before. That time she was supporting the Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity.
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      And also 1batfastard, you could say, her Uncle (and other RFC members in the conflict) fought for the freedom to allow her to live free and make her own decisions and support whoever she wishes/wear whatever she wants....


        Disappointing (IMHO) to see those views shared on here, but each to their own.

        Its obvious, having watched the whole programme that she is very proud of her grandfather, what he and his colleagues achieved and rightly so. If the programme highlights to the wider public the sacrifices made, surely that should be applauded and welcomed...
        I like being grey - it means I can worry without it showing!


          I don't agree with 1batfastards opinions, but I agree he has a right to have them without people be 'Disappointed'. FIFA saw the poppy as a political symbol, but I think we've put them right on that. News is supposed to be impartial, you can't where a party rosette on election night or a MAGA cap. They fought for a free world, so we can have our own opinions, but that doesn't mean they all have to be the same.


            Aside from all that...
            Whether it's her right, whether WWI was fought in part for LGBTQA rights, or whether she is right/wrong....presenting a personal statement or opinion isn't a good idea if you are representing something that has nothing to do with that opinion.

            It creates a distraction and your message/story becomes muddled.
            Witness this thread.

            Instead of discussing what she said, you're discussing the distraction.

            You would think people would realize that.
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            There are two sides to every story. The truth is usually somewhere between the two.


              It only caused a distraction because someone thought it necessary to pick up on it in a negative light. The 'little respect' comment sounded like LGBTQA shaming, aka, because she was supporting gay rights then that is an insult to those who fought in the war.
              The offender could've just made a nice comment about the segment and picked up on its historical interest and use of the Great War Display Team's aircraft to portray the RFC types used, not snub the presenter for wearing a shirt that was for a cause important to her.

              It was a simple message of support, maybe if she had waved a rainbow flag and started shouting 'Gay rights with support from the RFC' people would have grounds to say it was distracting and taking away from the point of the broadcast, but she didn't.

              It feels as though some are using this small element as an excuse to express their own medieval views on the importance of LGBTQA rights.

              Now lets stop the homophobia and talk about the merits of the programme as a whole instead hmm.


                Raises a curious choice.

                If you are more interested in aircraft, you just watch the program and enjoy the planes and story.

                Or if you are more into homophobia, do you take offence and switch it off? What do you do?


                  Read post #2 again...carefully.
                  IMHO, The writer isn't displaying homophobia, rather all he says is he disagrees with Raworth (who he believes is) making a statement, not necessarily what she was allegedly supporting.

                  Now, I don't know him or his opinions, and he may disagree with Raworth's apparent beliefs, but I don't think we should jump to that conclusion based on his post.
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                  There are two sides to every story. The truth is usually somewhere between the two.


                    Just to add. If you send a video into the BBC, to be aired for instance on "Points of view", they insist on you not displaying any logos on your clothing.
                    Commercial or otherwise.
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                      J Boyle, please note in my post I was just pointing out the dilemma there. I did not name anyone. My stance on the matter was that I so enjoyed the piece and fascinated by the planes that I never noticed the logo. I am surprised anyone here did!


                        The programme is called RAF: Into the Blue and is 30mins long. It is available On Demand, or can be seen on the BBC News Channel at 4-30PM today (8/7). It is also being shown next Sunday (15th) on BBC 2 at 1.25PM.


                          Hi All,
                          Wow! I never expected all those comments to my post, just to clarify below are my thoughts.

                          Personal or political beliefs should not be displayed when presenting any programme, You are a presenter who is meant to be impartial despite what your
                          own beliefs are.

                          To me presenters should focus on the subject solely or was I mistaken ? As that the very day the LGTB pride march was held it was a pure coincidence
                          that the presenter had on full display under her top unzipped that itself was under top coat to show the Rainbow in support of the LGTB community.

                          As far as homophobia goes not a chance, I couldn't care less what sex you are or think you are it makes no odds to me what people do and act like in
                          their own house/community whatever that's they're business simple and not for me to comment, my daughter had two male gay friends who where going to get married and I wouldn't have missed that for the world. What I do object to are groups and individuals constantly forcing any issue on to others,telling us it's normal life when it's a personal preference just any topic or belief you choose what you are or believe in.

                          It's a conscious personal choice simple! again I stress I do not have a problem just the ramming down mine and others throats ( i.e. Sky Cinema having a LGBT movie option now - Possibly only temporary as it may be connected to the pride march yesterday ? ) when there really is no need in this day and age. On top of that those who have opposing/different views often get a labelled HOMOPHOBIC/RACIST/NAZI/WHITE SUPREMESIST etc.etc.etc. when in fact those are not views held by many they accuse because they just do not agree with someone's personal statements/choices forced upon them sadly.

                          As far as presenters go just do the job your paid to do, don't creep in your own little stunts then if anybody cottons on say well it's just a t-shirt or
                          whatever it as this post proves can send out a message as in my own case spoil what I was looking forward to watching sadly.

                          One other thing I would be the first to apologise if I was wrong but I suspect I wasn't and while the presenter may have worn the t-shirt before just ask
                          yourself was there another event taking place at the same time that she supported ? i.e. The Rainbow Trust.

                          One last thing to the forumites I have offended by my post I apologise this was not my intention the same goes for this post, it's just an observation on
                          an event that happened that should not have occurred IMPO, being totally honest someone in the crew should/could have advised her it may give the wrong idea.

                          Couldn't agree more with J Boyle :- It creates a distraction and your message/story becomes muddled/Instead of discussing what she said, you're discussing the distraction.

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                            Well said Geoff! There are too many people trying to edit others' opinions.


                              Rainbow Trust Children's Charity

                              The fact that it is you who has linked it to an LGTG emblem. You have made the assumption. Sometimes a tee shirt is just a tee shirt.


                                Hi All,
                                Don't you mean LGBT ? I may have linked it with the LGBT community if you read my post I also admit I could be wrong and have apologised, also
                                advertisingfor a charity is one thing promoting personal/beliefs agendas another of which I honestly think it was the latter. Again if I am wrong then I apologise.



                                  All I can say is as usual this forum decends into utter rubbish, and i find i realise why I visit it infrequently these days !!!

                                  If all you could see was a T shirt and instantly jumped to the conclusion it was being used as some political statement then I truly feel sorry for you. I just watched the program and at no time was distracted by what Miss Raworth was wearing and even having read your comments struggled to actually see what you were on about !!!!!
                                  As the person that actually flew her all I saw, both in the program and in real life was a lady who was interested in the subject, engaged with it and incredibly proud and grateful of what her Grandfather and his fellow officers did 100 years ago.
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                                    Did it occur to anyone that Ms Raworth may have simply walked into a shop and bought a top simply because she liked the colours? There’s no slogan and no message!


                                      Click image for larger version

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                                      If this is the same top, then it's dated on Twitter to 17th January. Was there a Gay Pride event that day too?

                                      Look online at what she wears. It's either something racy, something sporty or something somber. For this program she seems to have opted to respectfully cover up, and done that wearing black that women do to look slim, then add a dash of colour.


                                        Shock horror, the ribbons on the medals are rainbow coloured as well.

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