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Sophie Raworth on BBC News

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    Anyway, moving along.......I think she is a good presenter and Gorgeous.


      And pretty bloody tough.

      She ran some kind of monster 150-mile marathon in the desert.

      "What you must remember" Flip said "is that nine-tenths of Cattermole's charm lies beneath the surface." Many agreed.


        I too have just watched the Sophie Raworth at Stow Maries program, (it can't have done SM any harm) and I thought that it was interesting, well presented and personal. My only criticism is the usual amateurish film research. As to the problem with the attire I wouldn't have known of any issue. Come on chaps we're better than that. The lady is a very personable and competent News reader.



          Thanks Auster Fan, an engaging programme which I would otherwise have missed. It was good to have a presenter who was not only personally engaged - which seems mandatory for most docs these days - but also a professional journalist. Also, it's good to look at the story of "ordinary" fliers rather than just the aces. Except of course they were all great heroes; ordinary could never apply.


            On BBC 2 at 1.25pm this afternoon, Sunday.

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              Hi All,
              Right then it is obvious I have made a complete and utter prat out of myself in the first reply post, as pointed out the piece being filmed in January it had no alleged personal support as I had alleged in my post so I have deleted it.

              As for anybody else who commented or thinks I am homophobic i.e. thinly disguised your totally wrong, I couldn't care less about what people get up to
              so long as it does not affect me personally.

              Again I say It is the constant forcing of the LGBT etc. as normal again it is down to personal choice whatever sexuality you choose or am I wrong and people are born as Gay ? It is how the individual feels as they grow up from childhood to adult simple.

              Correct me if I am wrong here but there are just three sexes Male/Female and Hermaphrodite ? or are people born wanting to change sex ? I mean just as an example look what happened on the pride march. Apparently it was hijacked at the front by some Lesbian group overtly protesting against
              transgender's yet you heard little to nothing on MSM.

              Yet if I was to accuse them of being bigoted I would be shouted down, when in actual fact they are just the same as me expressing they're feeling very strongly about something they do not agree with! Lets face it all I have done is made a mistake on what I thought was a presenter meant to be doing one
              job but showing support for the LGBT community when it actually turns out to be a coincidence and I dare say that I was not the only one who thought that.


              Just one other thing To whomever:- I live next door to trangender and gay people so please don't get cocky. The woman who owns the house is a Lesbian who had a partner who was a transgender, one of her tenants who was transgender committed suicide due the emotional stress of changing from male to female, he found it that difficult he thought suicide was the only answer, so don't make out if you have moral high ground because I speak my mind.

              One last thing:- Auster Fan Please accept my apologies on ruining what should have been a good information post and my mistaking one event connected to another.

              Last edited by 1batfastard; 15th July 2018, 21:05.