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Sophie Raworth on BBC News

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    The key point here is that we all have been given the chance to live in a country which has choice. And many fought for that right. At times you might feel some things are advertised ,promoted to much but thats because there is a choice .

    I used to get annoyed when people overtook my car when strictly they broke the speed limit, but thats their choice, so now I let it go and dont get bothered. Theres some things that annoy me but nowadays I just move on... which is what this thread should do!


      Geoff Thank you for your apology, I accept it , and I apologise for getting shirty at you. I feel very strong about the subject as I have many friends who are members of the LGBT community.
      I understand there have been many misinterpretations in this post, perhaps even over the meaning of the shirt itself. I hope we can all move on and continue to discuss the RFC and the bravery of its members in time of conflict.



        What I hope the video will do, apart from discussions about T-shirts, is to encourage more people to go along to Stow Maries and swell the coffers of what is a very interesting airfield. I went with my car club on a group visit and it is well worth it. The home cooked food in the Airmans Mess is really excellent and there was a lot of it.


          Originally posted by Pen Pusher

          Shock horror, the ribbons on the medals are rainbow coloured as well.

          "What you must remember" Flip said "is that nine-tenths of Cattermole's charm lies beneath the surface." Many agreed.


            Originally posted by ozplane
            What I hope the video will do, apart from discussions about T-shirts, is to encourage more people to go along to Stow Maries and swell the coffers of what is a very interesting airfield. I went with my car club on a group visit and it is well worth it. The home cooked food in the Airmans Mess is really excellent and there was a lot of it.
            A shame they have restrictions on numbers attending, due to limited parking.
            Engine Failure:.... A condition which occurs when all fuel tanks mysteriously become filled with air.


              I believe they're working on that but if you go mid-week there's no problem at all.


                Disappointed that this tread even exists but nice to see not everyone has such negative attitudes.

                Lets just get some facts right.

                The shirt she is wearing does not have a LGBT flag on it. Its the wrong colours and there are 7 stripes.

                The filming was in January, are we really suggesting she knew what date the programme was going out, and that she knew that was the same day as London Pride.

                Claiming to not be homophobic whilst using phrases like its a conscious personal choice or ramming it down your throat is a thin disguise. You dont see me abjecting to Sky having a channel dedicated to Golf even though I dont like the sport.

                My uncle hid his sexuality throughout his life including his military service. When I can walk down the road with my husband without abuse, when we can check into a hotel without sniggers from the staff, maybe then we wont need to wave a rainbow flag once a year.


                  Peter: I simply started the thread to raise awareness of the programme. Others have taken it in a different direction. Quite frankly, I wish I hadnt bothered.

                  As Blue Max pointed out, he doesnt post very much due to the general decline in standards of discussion on this forum. Its also why I dont and I suspect it maybe a contributory factor as to why a number of very knowledgeable contributors, who used to post on here dont either....
                  I like being grey - it means I can worry without it showing!


                    Auster, I sympathise that your thread has been hijaked and I did try sit on my hands and not answer. It pleasing to see that nearly all the comments have been positive.

                    If I’m honest I’m far more concerned that we somehow get the two B25s to stay until the weekend, than I am about one individuals comments!!!


                      Auster I apologise to you for veering this thread off course in my own way. I was merely standing up for what I believe in, although it wasn't right to use your thread as the platform.


                        Auster, I too apologise for the thread drift.

                        It was an excellent programme - such a rare thing on TV these days. The flying sequences were good too. Nearly made me miss my old day job!


                          Has anybody got a link to the programme please?



                            And to those who have apologised, thank you but I wasnt expecting or requiring any.
                            I like being grey - it means I can worry without it showing!


                              FIRST GRAPHIC:

                              Left: LGBT t-shirt. SIX colors. Found on the Internet, and matching other LGBT logos on the Internet.

                              Right: Sophie Raworth, presumably in the outfit she wore on BBC News. SEVEN colors, very different from the LGBT colors & order.

                              SECOND GRAPHIC:

                              A Rainbow Trust Children's Charity top. On the Internet, I find no RTCC t-shirt or logo which is anything close in design to what is seen in the first graphic.

                              THIRD GRAPHIC:

                              A rainbow
                              Attached Files
                              RAF LIBERATORS OVER BURMA (subtitled FLYING WITH 159 SQUADRON) by Bill Kirkness DFM and Matt Poole, published by Fonthill Media


                                I never suggested that SR’s tee shirt was a RTCC one.


                                  Jesus! The Flypast old guard in a nutshell.

                                  Originally posted by Old Stager
                                  Well said Geoff! There are too many people trying to edit others' opinions.
                                  Indeed! We should celebrate freedom of expression! Every voice should be heard!

                                  Originally posted by J Boyle
                                  ...presenting a personal statement or opinion isn't a good idea if you are representing something that has nothing to do with that opinion.
                                  So... sometimes we have to 'edit others' opinions'?

                                  Originally posted by 1batfastard
                         daughter had two male gay friends who where going to get married and I wouldn't have missed that for the world...
                                  I KNOW TWO GAY PEOPLE! I KNOW TWO GAY PEOPLE!

                                  Originally posted by 1batfastard
                                  I stress I do not have a problem just the ramming down mine and others throats ( i.e. Sky Cinema having a LGBT movie option now...
                                  So we should try not to 'edit others' opinions', but don't you dare do any gay things anywhere near me! And I'm not homophobic as I know two whole gay people!

                                  You feel the same way about wearing a crucifix to work, right?


                                    Really? who cares / should care about anybody else's sexuality or opinions in that department? Nothing to do with aviation and just fodder for ranting. Thankyou for Auster who, very helpfully pointed out the program, which was indeed very good. The apparent direction of the thread though, for whatever reason, has taken a severe drift and, could be verging on offensive. I think it has run its course mods...


                                      To get this thread back to a bit of normallity.....

                                      I thought the programme was good and well balanced.

                                      I watched her do the commentary on the 100th flypast yesterday at 1:00pm.... And felt that to be such a disapointment.

                                      Not her fault: the director was rubbish. They kept cutting from one aircraft in the flypast to another never lingering for more than a second before cutting to an image of the queen, crowd, RAF regiment etc. So she and the others talking couldn't give any coherent commentary. It was so disjointed which was a shame as she did her best.

                                      I liked the Dakota flying by itself before the BBMF.....


                                        I thought it an interesting 30 minutes, a nice personal link, some nice filming and a great way of giving perhaps the masses of people less close to such things (than ourselves) a taster of the effort and sacrifices.

                                        As for the non-event of the "jumper", some people sit at home on their armchairs all day eagerly waiting to get offended.....


                                          Just watched it and thought it was very good. She’s a very natural presenter and I’d like see her in more programmes on the subject. Have to agree with Paul about the tv director of the RAF flypast, it really spoilt the coverage.

                                          Thanks Auster for the heads up, I hope you haven’t been put off starting similar threads.