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Another Glynne Powell Mosquito.

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    Another Glynne Powell Mosquito.

    Hi All,
    From the 8th of June
    via:- Gary Bridger
    For the Mosquito fans amongst you, another Mosquito fuselage has just come off the moulds at Glyn Powell’s workshop, South Auckland NZ. This is a bomber variant. A masterpiece in wood.

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    Thanks for posting those pictures Geoff.
    Very nice.
    I can think of five other shells from these moulds.
    - Windsor Ontario got the prototype.
    - Gerry Yagen
    - Paul Allen
    - Rod Lewis
    - Glynns own Mosquito (that had been offered for sale).

    What is the fate of this most recent set?



      Daren Cogdon

      Spitfire fanatic


        Very nice, but I wonder if anyone will be brave enough to step out of the box and commission a Sea Mosquito?!

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          fantastic work, its great to see how they are / were formed



            The confirmation of the bomber type I presume means confirmation of this being the new fuselage for B.Mk.IV DZ542 owned by the UK Pathfinder Group...??
            I was with it all the way until letting the brakes off..........


              It doesn't seem to be that straightforward. The T.43 will be Glyn's partially-complete Aussie-built example.

              We are presently considering two different Mosquito airframes, and we are in advanced discussions on a fighter-bomber T43 variant. Whilst the MK.IV which is referenced on our website, remains very much in our sights too, the latest consideration has its different benefits. Principally, the fighter-bomber could be completed and delivered to the UK within 20 months, which in itself is very exciting, but even more so is that it is a dual-seat, dual-control aircraft, which would be a fantastic resource adding to the Flight Safety aspects of our mission, in helping maintain excellent currency for pilots already flying the Mosquito, but offering a hugely important capability for new pilots converting to type.

              The MK.IV aircraft is still going to be a 33-36 month project. This airframe is also still within our reach, but we require some additional funding to secure it


                More Mozzies the better Unless your in Australia and they suck blood...
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