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Meir Motors updates.

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    Meir Motors updates.

    Hi All,
    Surprised nobody has mentioned these projects. From June the 10th- The FW190 now at the electrics stage.

    big news ! The North American P-51D-20NA, serial 44-63889 arrived in our shop. Now the team ist washing of all paint to look at the airframe in depth. We are very happy to have this fighter in the shop to prepare it for the coming season.

    From June the 5th.
    Today Sea Fury N1954H had the first flight with new paint scheme. Looks and sounds absolutely fantastic!!

    From May the 3rd
    HURRAY !!!!!!!!!! First run of the red beauty Hawker SeaFury D-CACE - Achim Meier at the controls.
    We made five magnificent runs today and everything went perfect. Time to take some beers at the Eule-Bar
    Thanks to the team - you made a perfect job !
    Thanks to project executive Felix Ohlhoff - wow, the baby runs!
    Thanks to Vintage V12s radial job - superb restoration

    Last but not least from April the 28th Video courtesy :-Martin Glckner

    Images courtesy of:-

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    Geoff, thanks again for surprising us with this great share. Wonderful machines being put back in the air by these guys!


      Great stuff!
      Daren Cogdon

      Spitfire fanatic


        Awesome......I wonder how long it will be before we get to see that Mustang


          Thanks for posting Mattias used to post great updates on here ,much appreciated.


            Hi All,
            trumper - Any idea why Mattias posting ? I used to love his unique up close and personal pictures because he usually gave info with the pictures and
            had time for anybody who threw questions about his images.

            It's actually part of the reason why I posted the updates because it's been a long while since his last post.