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Some very good eyewitness reports from the Battle of Britain

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    Some very good eyewitness reports from the Battle of Britain

    Just found some fascinating eye witness reports to the Battle of Britain that i thought i would share.

    Just one story below shows the human side of War

    This little story May interest someone who knows about the Mesersmitt BF 109 that crashed in a field at Hurst Farm near Mountain St Chilham Kent on 1 st September 1940 after being engaged by RAF fighters over Thanet during an air battle … My mother was walking back to the hop fields on Hurst Farm when the BF 109 crashed a few hundred yards away. She was first on the scene but nothing could be done… She sat on a nearby gate and sobbed for half an hour – even though it was a German plane.. I am trying to seek more info abut this particular crash. I have read the story in the ” Battle of Britain then and now ” book. But I am sure there is more info available. Has anyone read up on this particular crash and maybe provide extra info to me …. I often gravitate to the crash sight when I visit Chilham to reminisce about the hop picking days. I was there on that fateful day. But in my mothers tummy. I was born 2 months later at burton on trent as my mother was evacuated there fromEast London I am still fascinated all these years later …. A little white wooden cross was placed at the crash site by the hop pickers… It as there for many years …. Ray Hill. Essex…

    I have just been to the battle Of Britain museum and found it very ‘eerie ,but extremely informative and a must ‘do’ for any people wishing to seek information on the Battle of Britain..
    knowing that my mother on the 1st of september 1940 was within 100 yards of the Mersersmitt bf 109 as it crashed to the ground at Mountain st Chilham kent taking Ekkehard Schelcher to his death.. It was eerie to think that I was standing beside the engine of that plane 75 years later !! both me and my mother had been as close to the engine of the doomed 109 but 75 years apart and under different circumstances… my family told me that my mother had been walking along Mountain St as the plane come hurtling down and buried itself in the muddy ground of the farmers field.. she had rushed over and on realising that there was nothing she could do she sat on a nearby farm gate and cried for half an hour at the sight of someones death thee fact that it was ‘ enemy ‘ made no difference at that moment it was tragic that someone had died in front of her.. It affected her for many years we would often return to Chilham to see the hop fields and she always reminisced about that fateful day and would go to the crash site and just stare at the ground… Her brother teddy made a small cross out of some broken fencing and painted it white Thy had taken it to the very spot where the plane come down and it was there for many years i am sorry if this letter repeats some of my earlier info in above post (above ) But I have always been interested in what took place because it ‘ involved ‘ my family as much as it involved someones young son…

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    An interesting and evocative post, thanks for sharing it

    Regards Mike


      Makes you realise the human side of things ,it's not the machines but the people affected.