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1947 - The Flying Newsroom - Lockheed Lodestar

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    1947 - The Flying Newsroom - Lockheed Lodestar

    Am interested to know the registration of a Lockheed Lodestar, operated by the 'Herald Tribune in 1947 as a "Flying Newsroom".
    (see the attached newspaper clipping)

    Click image for larger version

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    In 1937 'Toronto Globe and Mail' operated a DH.89 registered CF-BBG for a short time as a "Flying Newsroom".

    And so did the "London Free Press Printing Company" of London, Ontario when they operated a Cessna T-50 Crane 1 registered CF-DCL in 1946.


    The Detroit Daily News had a neat Lockheed Orion with a camera pod on the leading edge of a wing...with an aperture cover.

    Also, the Des Moines paper had a plane (a Travel Air?) and the Daily Oklahoman had a Travel Air.
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      Chicago Tribune had this B-17G.

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        As I understand it, the B-17 was an executive transport rather than used for news gathering operations.
        There are two sides to every story. The truth is usually somewhere between the two.


          From Peter Marson's Lockheed Twins (Air Britain) p371, the Chicago Tribune had a Lodestar C-60A-1-LO (Wright Cyclones) from14Dec45, registration NC61521 , civil conversion by L.A.C 29Nov46,sold to Fruehauf Trailers 27Nov48...with various corporate owners till belly landed Brownsville 20Apr79 ... The Lodestar's main user was tribune journalist John Werkley who ,by then with TIME, was killed with a dozen other US newsmen in a KLM Constellation crash in India , 1949.
          The B-17 mentioned was used by the Tribune's opinionated owner Robert McCormick


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