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Hurricane crash site in Canada in search of...

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    Hurricane crash site in Canada in search of...

    Please! Please! need the help of historians in the London area and UK in General.

    Been working on the disappearance of Sgt. Kenneth Henry Green [RAF/VR] who in May of 1943 went missing in a Hurricane while on a training flight with No. 1 OTU at Bagotville. Accident reports have idicated that Sgt. Green may have landed or crashed on a remote lake SW of Bagotville, Quebec. His co-pilot was P/O Statters and he was the last person to see Green alive and may know more about the crash investigation.

    I am trying to find out if this P/O E. Statters is still living in England somewhere. Does anyone have any advice on how I might start a search??

    I also have the last know address of Sgt. Kenneth Green's address at:

    287 Leigham Court Road, [looking for picture of his house]
    Streatham London, ENGLAND
    SW16 2RZ

    I have written to that address and my letters have gone unanswered. Does ANYONE have any advice for a Canadian researcher on how to start looking for Sgt. Green's family and
    P/O E. Statters? Really really need your help as I would like to find anyone of his relatives in the UK.

    Lee Walsh
    82 Beverley Street, Unit #6
    Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
    M5T 1Y1
    ICQ# 568717278

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