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July 2018: Dutch museum Aviodrome to get Rovos Air Convair 340, ferry flight...

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    There is another video, showing the take off from the end of the runway, in this thread on PPRuNe (post #30):

    These Convairs were somewhat likely to suffer from augmentor fires due to fuel pooling/oily tubes or such, in combination with the exhaust running through these tubes in the nacelle. John Deakin mentions it in his article about the CAF's C-131 here: This also provides an insight into the systems of this type.

    I hope the other occupants will recover soon. A very sad outcome for this project.
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      Did not realize that both pilots had been injured so seriously. Best wishes for their speedy recovery. I have been round the world 11.83 times!


        Very sad indeed. At least the prognosis is optimistic for both the pilots.

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          Wonderboom Convair Crash Capture From Inside
          Footage of the Convair crash at Wonderboom airport

          "Disclaimer not my video all rights belong to the individual who recorded it"
          As you can see some sort of "nacelle fire" is developing.

          This flight was apparently some sort of a "thank you"-flight
          for people who over the last few months had been working on -and around the Convair.


          for additional comments, some rather knowledgeable it seems...
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            ...some Dutch and/or Belgian readers may be left speechless after reading this
            "editorial comment"
            that appeared a regional version of a national Dutch newspaper 6 August 2018 :

            is not worth translating into English, really...

            Yes, The Netherlands has got "gutter press" editors as well...
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   updated per 11 SEPT 2018. Fokker aircraft and more...


              Oh wow, what is going on?

              That is 3 vintage passenger aircraft crashes in 30 days!
              21 of 57 passengers dead. HORRIBLE!

              In this case not as bad as the Ju-Air crash, but still.
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                I see there's now increasing speculation coming out of SA that the wing tanks may have been filled with Jet-A rather than Avgas prior to the flight........
                I was with it all the way until letting the brakes off..........



                  The two highly-experienced Australian pilots of a crashed Convair CV-340 did not follow the prescribed checklist procedures when they discovered an engine had caught fire, a South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) preliminary accident investigation report says.