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RAF Canberra T4 markings

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    RAF Canberra T4 markings

    We are at the latter stages of repainting our Museum's Canberra T4 in a scheme which evokes the original mid-fifties training role of this aircraft.

    It carried its serial on either side of the rear fuselage just forward of the tailplane root, and also quite often on each nose wheel door. Although we have identified the font, can anyone provide the correct height for the characters?

    By studying many archive Canberra images, I guesstimate the height is somewhere around 20cm ??

    The archive images out there also make it clear that there are a huge number of variations in Canberra markings with serials, roundels and sundry warnings and stencils almost unique to each airframe !!!!

    I am reminded of a comment I heard the other day from a RAF Navigator serving in the 60's and 70's who was convinced someone was "breeding" Canberras, such was their ubiquity!

    Cant vouch for the T.4 but I have a serial that was re-produced for a Canberra PR.7 restoration that sadly never happened - height 20cm width 12.5cm.

    Hope that helps.

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      Surely you mean approx 8.0'' x 5.0'' guys

      @ B533 - which T4 is it ? (by PM if you prefer)

      rgds baz (ex Canberra T4/B2 Fitter/techie)