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Calling Fleet Air Arm air and ground crew

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    Calling Fleet Air Arm air and ground crew

    Once again the call goes out for contact with "those who were there". My publisher agrees that the Fleet Air Arm deserves better coverage then hitherto in the popular 'Boys' format of books, covering stories by air and ground crew. Accordingly, for the first volume of a two volume set, I am now seeking contact with anyone who flew or maintained any of the following:

    Sea Fury
    Sea Hornet
    Sea Hawk
    Sea Vixen

    plus any more Sea Venom people who have yet to get in touch following an earlier appeal.

    Please get in touch - your stories deserve an audience!


    Steve, I think you might have your work cut out with some of those types now with the passage of time (certainly Attacker and Sea Hornet). The Sea Vixen is about to be a Haynes Manual and was fairly well represented by the Air-Britain book on the type. I garnered a fair amount of stories on the Sea Hawk 20 years ago; sadly many of those who contributed are no longer around.
    The views I express are PURELY my own. Please respect that.


      I served on 804 Squadron in 1954, Sea Hawks. And 700Y, 892/899 Sea Vixens later in my service, FAA. I have photos of these A/C on land and on A/C carriers, if you need them. I am aged 83 :-)


        bleeming, many thank, please see your private messages.

        Thanks Lee, I am well aware of the passage of time, but I do have a reasonable amount of material from earlier researches years ago, and others are starting to come in. The Air Britain Sea Vixen book is very good, but there are some great Sea Vixen stories not in there, so always room for more.



          Just to help focus the attention of any waverers out there. Volume 1 is now expanded to include Phantom and Sea Harrier, while volume 2 will cover Buccaneer, Scimitar, Skyraider, Gannet and possibly Canberra and even Sturgeon (if I can find anyone!)


            Also looking for Wyvern and Seafire 46/47 people; another very long shot I know!


              Found some Seafire and Sea Hornet people now, and even a Firebrand pilot! Waiting for stories to come so I can share them. Still looking for more - anyone who flew or maintained any Fleet Air Arm fixed-wing carrier borne aircraft up to the end of Sea Harrier. Surprisingly, Phantom and Sea Harrier drivers seem to be reluctant to poke their heads above the parapet - come on chaps!

              bleeming - please check your private messages.