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75 years ago tonight 16-17 May 1943

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    And as I pointed out I was simply conveying the comments from those around me. there were quite a few dissappointed veterans there, several of which were being interviewed, not simply anoraks, as a postscript, I do hope the old lady I helped to her feet is okay after her dogs pulled her over.

    I was under the impression the flypast was all about remembering the events of 75 years ago, not massaging the egos of a bunch of anoraks out to take a few snaps...
    Then why advertise it... it could have been done as it was today, and those that would visit the memorials around the site as I and several others did, would have anyway, flypast or not. It does also begs the question, if you think everyone attending such things are aviation anoraks, then why the heck are signed up to here?

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      What's wrong with aviation anoraks? I've been one for 65yrs, and enjoyed every minute... and those you mention at least made a effort and turned up.



        Just back home from my local Odeon cinema after watching 'The Dam Busters With Dan Snow' , the 75th Anniversary screening with a live link to the Royal Albert Hall .
        Good value for 10-50 with a 7:15 start and finish at 10:45 with the added advantage of Dan Snow being in London and not up here in Darlington ! Very enjoyable and quite a few people in to see it too .
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          It was on Film4 yesterday (4.10pm), could have watched it for free.

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            Was at the Albert Hall, awesome to see it on the big screen & even better having the place shake with the sounds of those Merlins.
            Now just need 50th anniversary of Battle of Britain given the same treatment.