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Just Jane "She will fly again" video

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    I have no doubt in my mind that Just Jane will be airworthy and be the second flying Lancaster resident in the UK skies.
    If I go back to the early 70s the thought of seeing a B17, B25, P51, P47, Spitfires by the squadron Hurricanes a Blenheim all kinds of Eastern block Migs Yaks Bf109s, Buchons the list could go on people would of said your dreaming of seeing any of those now days, now days are here and I thank each and every owner operator for taking the time money and effort to bring me the visions I see in the skies of the UK
    To the Pantons and all involved at EK a thank you for taking this on, thank you for saving this aeroplane I cannot wait but wait I will.
    TA out


      Can't help thinking that with a spare set of Halifax (Ok Hastings) mainplanes available in Canada a static Halifax could be reconstructed at Eeast Kirkby in memory of Christopher Panton.
      Wishful thinking? Yes but why not.


        Having paid 2 bob (or was it half a crown) to sit in the pilots seat at Biggin, and watched it in the circuit on summers evenings from the back garden after Mr Williams exploits, i have no doubt she will fly again, and i'm sure the Pantons will do it. We always used to know it as just H A P as kids.


          H.A.P.S historic aircraft preservation society, they also imported the Sabre from Italy


            I have no connection with the Panton family, but I have immense respect for what they have achieved, are continually achieving and (I have no doubt) will achieve. They should be receiving the full support of everyone with any interest in Bomber Command. They should also be receiving gratitude and encouragement from everyone on this forum for their incredible achievements. They are a family, amateurs if you will, and reading such negative comments as some on here must hurt them deeply. All I can say to them is 'Thank you and keep up the excellent work that you are doing.


              Hi All,
              As far as her Flypast appearances goes IMPO they have a bright future, Who would not like to see two Lancaster's flying together on a regular basis ?
              Personally I never got to see the Canadian Lanc but would love to have and I am pretty certain that I am not alone in this.

              Obviously the BBMF Lanc cannot attend all Flypast or Air-Show dates due to Already being booked elsewhere/Airframe Hr's limits or Unserviceability ? So
              there is a Mkt admittedly a small one but none the less if the BBMF cancel for whatever reason JJ could capitalise on that. Not only that but I imagine that
              the BBMF have to say no to many,many other requests again JJ could capitalise here as well.

              So IMPO the future for both Lanc's is very bright indeed especially JJ makes the project well worth all the effort the EK crew are putting in to the project,
              not only that but dare I tempt fate a three ship formation ? ? ?

              Just carry on and never mind the naysayers get her in the air where she belongs.

              all the effort in to making her airworthy again.


                I know I would watch 2 lanc's and yes bring over the 3rd lanc, we have none flying here in oz, I? have seen the one static and chopped about a bit
                Cheer's all far and WIDE!! , Tally Ho from Phil in Oz!

                WHAT GOE'S UP MUST COME DOWN