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Spitfire Manual 1940

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    Spitfire Manual 1940

    I thought that this would be more fitting on HA rather than where one would normally find it on GD. It's about an aircraft that some rather like !

    "Spitfire Manual 1940". Amberley Publishing. ISBN 978-1-84868-436-2. 9.99.

    Ignore the published price. This book is on sale at '' for just 3. It is a collection of Air Ministry issued articles, drawings and advice covering the entire operation of the Spitfire. It covers; aerial fighting, formation flying, pilot's notes on flying the aircraft, the Merlin, exploded diagrams and much more.

    My local store in Chichester had about six copes left that I could see on the shelves. If you can't get it locally, let me know and I'll get you a copy. If this book is already known to the forum - forgive the duplication.

    This is what I hate about “the works”. Buying from these guys does nothing to help authors or publishers. Theyvwork along the line of clearing down end of printbrun stocks from wholesalers by buying in at ditch prices and then selling at a small profit. Not a problem if it is end of run, but if everyone buys from then, then nobody picks up the books when they first come to print, preferring to wait until it’s been highly discounted. This ultimately leads to smaller and smaller runs to the point that it doesn’t become profitable for the publisher to run a book.

    I’d say if you want to support aviation publishers and authors to create new books, then don’t support “the works”

    Rant over...


      As someone who worked in the military and aviation book trade for many years it is apparent that companies like The Works and PS Books are no worse than many publishers. Airlife used to be a prominent publisher but they had a policy of remaindering their books within a few months of release and in the end the public got wise as did many retailers and no one bothered buying their books at full price, they they ended up ceasing to be a publisher. Pen and Sword are a current publisher that undercuts retailers by offering up to 25% off new titles if bought from their website and Grub Street also remainder their titles and sell to The Works amongst others at a cheap price. Many of the Haynes Manuals for aviation and military books are specially reprinted for sale at 6.00 in The Works. Unfortunately authors and specialist retailers, of which there are now few, have always had a rough deal but the blame equally lies with the publishers and why would the book buying public not buy as cheap as they can find the books, boycotting the likes of The Works wouldn't change a thing.


        I'm not defending or excusing anyone. The principle of supply and demand will always influence these matters. You can't please all the people all of the time .


          Bargains can still be had, i picked up an original Bristol Bulldog manual in a second book shop recently for 25. I'm not really sure what its worth, but i reckon a bit more than that ?
          I don`t care to belong to any club that accepts people like me as members!