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Hurricane BE505 to be converted into a two seater!

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  • Oxcart
    Rank 5 Registered User
    • Nov 2007
    • 2069

    Why didn't they check the Sea Hurricane's C of G before they flew it?
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    • Rocketeer
      Left to do other things
      • Jan 2005
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      They would have Oxcart!
      TA, Cranfield did a design for an alternative tailplane spar. It was back in the 80s. I remember it being discussed at Duxford at a meeting to discuss common Hurricane issues that restorers had and how to overcome them. These included main spar polygons, missing Hurricane detailing, tailplane spar and fishplates. Might have been 1985. I think Autocraft used the design on their Hurri.
      Tony Dyer


      • Trolly Aux
        Rank 5 Registered User
        • May 2006
        • 3769

        Thank you Tony, I remember the big issues with the front spars you tend to forget the rears were polygons also.
        TA out


        • QldSpitty
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          • Apr 2006
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          Have they used up all the new stock that was made?
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          • Archer
            Innocent bystander
            • Nov 2003
            • 1716

            There are some progress photos on the Platinum Fighter Sales site: And a price...
            A Little VC10derness - A Tribute to the Vickers VC10 -


            • KurtB
              Rank 4 Registered User
              • Feb 2018
              • 179

              Its not a looker is it


              • ollieholmes
                Rank 5 Registered User
                • Oct 2005
                • 2434

                Definatly a strange sight.


                • Shorty01
                  Short Member
                  • Jul 2003
                  • 741

                  Slightly odd but not as odd as the Spitfire Tr9 with the bulbous rear canopy. Fortunately I can't see that bit on the local one when it comes over the house heading back to Goodwood.
                  It's the one you don't see that gets you (usually)...


                  • Sopwith
                    Rank 5 Registered User
                    • Mar 2009
                    • 1508

                    Must admit ,I like the look of it.


                    • DazDaMan
                      Rank 5 Registered User
                      • Aug 2003
                      • 18697

                      Got to admit, I'm starting to like it.
                      Daren Cogdon

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                      • Denis
                        The past is preferable!
                        • Mar 2004
                        • 1515

                        Probably the only two seater warbird I would ever consider spending a small fortune on having a flight in !
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                        • Firebird
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                          • Mar 2003
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                          Originally posted by Denis View Post
                          Probably the only two seater warbird I would ever consider spending a small fortune on having a flight in !
                          Yep, me too............and hopefully fully intend to do so as well.

                          I was with it all the way until letting the brakes off..........


                          • trumper
                            Rank 5 Registered User
                            • Aug 2003
                            • 6695

                            There will be far fewer people able to say they had flown in it,Spitfires are getting common LOL.


                            • Bradburger
                              Rank 5 Registered User
                              • Jan 2000
                              • 1456

                              There's a nice article in the latest Aeroplane explaining in detail this conversion, including the various problems that needed to be overcome, and the reasons for using this particular airframe.

                              Well worth reading If you are interested, and perhaps curious, about the project!


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