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TIGHAR Trashes UK’s Earhart Search Efforts

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    MFowler said Along with Gillespie's tendency to be roundly dismissive of anyone who disagrees with him in the slightest, about pretty much anything. With the closing of the TIGHAR forums, he has a virtual bully pulpit for espousing his views, and his alone. Dissent, or even questions - as I found when I started asking them - are not tolerated. Same for their Facebook page and his blog.

    Hell I got banned way back in 2013 for having the disrespect to keep asking for explanations as to why certain basic checks had not been carried out that would support the claims being made about their finds. One example concerned the freckle cream jar. A simple question asking if soil tests had been carried out to determine background mercury trace levels in order to determine if the claimed residue in the now legendary freckle cream jar (a jar which TIGHAR claimed contained mercury based freckle cream) could have been a result of soil contamination, rather than the claimed original contents, was met first with dismissal then with hostility. It was clear that the hostility, both from TIGHAR and its supporters, covered up the fact that this simple test had not been done.

    The same dismissive response had occurred previously when I asked if the tiny almost microscopic blob on the Bevington photo which was named the Bevington Object, and claimed by TIGHAR to be the Electra's undercarriage, had been compared with the other similar tiny blobs on the photo. My question was had similar enlargements been done and could we see them, was fobbed off and we never did see the other enlargements. This would have provided TIGHAR with a simple comparative test to see if what they claimed was unique, or was just an artifact created by whatever caused the spots. I took TIGHAR's refusal to provide that data as tacit admittance that the Bevington Object was a contrivance not serious data.

    Then later TIGHAR claimed that they had confirmation from the US State Department imaging experts that this blob was "consistent with being an undercarriage leg" but they then said that this advice was unofficial and would remain so. I suggested that using unofficial advice to raise funds was a brave step, given that it could be interpreted as less than honest, and was fobbed off again by Mr Gillespie while the TIGHAR supporters all agreed with him.

    The saga of the Bevington Object didn't stop there. After I had been banned the already manipulated image was manipulated again by one supporter, in CAD to orientate so that it acquired shadows - perhaps so that it could be matched to the time of day the photo was taken. This blatant example of creating data out of whole cloth was again praised by TIGHAR supporters. Other contributors with similar worries about flexible uses of data were banned. When it became apparent that even its most hardened supporters were showing signs of unease up went the pay wall at the forum. You cannot get a question onto Gillespie's blog unless it is clearly supportive and as for the Facebook page - why that's just for the atta boys.

    Now TIGHAR are going after Glenn Miller, which makes one wonder what he did to deserve that.
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      With that kind of thinking, if they find any remains remains in their search for Miller, they'll probably want to dig up Jimmy Stewart to match them.

      (For those of you too young to remember, Stewart played the bandleader in Miller's film biography).
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      There are two sides to every story. The truth is usually somewhere between the two.


        They can stop the search for her car:

        A Little VC10derness - A Tribute to the Vickers VC10 -


          And all roads lead back to TIGHAR...

          ...via the 'Did Amelia Earhart die as a prisoner of the Japanese?' link in the BBC article!



            Interesting read, that BBC story, which, again, points out very clearly TIGHAR's "must be Earhart's" worldview on ANYTHING it has found on Nikumaroro. It took me a long time, and many, many examples, to drive that lesson home. And longer still for me to realize that, scientifically, it was a crap view.

            Malcolm, Gary LaPook actually FOIA'd some State Department e-mails that paint a very different picture than then one Gillespie paints. That whole episode degenerated into farce at the end. All the State Department photo guys were willing to admit was, "We think we can see how your expert arrived at his conclusion." Without actually agreeing with it in the slightest.


              Creaking Door said, "Pretty ironic for Gillespie to be criticising the 1940 investigation into the skeletal remains... "

              It is, on several fronts. The thing that bothers me the most is Gillepie's constant and unbending "must be Earhart's" bias towards anything that might possibly be used to support his theory. The initial TIGHAR "paper" about the bones documents discovered in the English archive was never vetted or peer-reviewed by outside, independent sources - it was basically a "table paper" made available at a conference; they put a stack on a table and passerby could pick one up if they wanted to. But Gillespie has generally treated it as much more than that.

              When Cross and Wright came out with their peer-reviewed paper published in a recognized academic journal, Gillespie immediately went on the offensive, called it an attack on a cornerstone of the Nikumaroro hypothesis ... and spent the next few years desperately trying to goad the chief US author of the original TIGHAR "paper," Dr. Richard Jantz, to do a rebuttal with a "real" scientific paper in a "real" scientific journal.

              Anything that remotely threatens his livelihood gets attacked through the information sources that he, alone, controls.
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                This is a tad bizarre, even considering the source. On April 14, Gillespie posted on the TIGHAR forums, "We're exploring the possibility of a British documentary about Earhart and we need to identify big-name British stars who might be interested in hosting such a show. Anybody know of any "A-list" British personalities who are especially interested in history, mysteries, aviation, Amelia, etc.?" Note the date - it's not an April Fool's joke.

                This, after what he, personally, wrote in his recent paper regarding British colonial official's actions regard Earhart and the search for her and Noonan (discussed above)?

                I will be amazed if any British personality, A-list or otherwise, will have anything to do with Gillespie after what he wrote and published for a global audience. He well and truly burned that bridge.
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                  Plus of course, any actor would do due diligence and a simple Google would reveal that being linked to TIGHAR would not be something they'd want on their CV...


                    I can't get past Gillespie honing in on a British documentary about Earhart ... why, for any reason at all, would anyone in England care one way or the other??? Last I checked, Earhart was American and had no particular ties to the English other than a common language.

                    The ONLY reason that makes sense to me is that Gillespie has realized - with the latest PR flop of his bones reanalysis and its one-day wonder treatment by the media - that none of the US media will have anything more substantial to do with him. No media attention, no bucks, and no more horse farm payments.


                      1. @50 Million new pockets to target in the UK for Earhart project and Tighar admin funding.

                      2. A soapbox to launch the “Glenn Miller” search of the English Channel and hence access @50 Million nee pockets to target in the UK for Glenn Miller project and Tigher admin funding.

                      3. To promote to anyone who will listen and to target their pockets for Tighar admin funding and The Gillespie Benevolent Fund.


                      Mark Pilkington
                      (“I can see rivet lines.....”)
                      "Never has a Country so Big!, owed so Much!, to those who Flew!"


                        I just invented a new chemical element on FaceBook after someone posted a pic of something & asked for ideas regarding it's identification:


                        1, Something that isn't what it's claimed to be.
                        2, Something that no one can positively identify.

                        I'm rather proud of that

                        Edit: & now someone else has come up with Amelium LOL!
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                        If anybody ever tells you anything about an aeroplane which is so bloody complicated you can't understand it, take it from me: It's all balls. RJM.


                          I can't get past Gillespie honing in on a British documentary about Earhart.....why, for any reason at all, would anyone in England care one way or the other??? Last I checked, Earhart was American...
                          That's not very complimentary towards English documentary audiences; we have much broader interests than many Americans would believe (even the Scottish, Welsh and Irish audiences may be interested)!

                          However, I doubt very much if that general interest in a good mystery, and we're suckers for a good mystery over here, would translate into many cash donations to TIGHAR, generous or otherwise!

                          Also, Gillespie would be wise to tread very carefully around British documentary makers; a documentary ostensibly about the disappearance of a noted aviator may turn out to be far more interesting if it concentrates on the 'disappearance' of large sums of donated money in the vicinity of a 'colourful' American wreck-hunter!


                            're: your paragraph 3 about UK documentary film makers....
                            We can only hope...
                            There are two sides to every story. The truth is usually somewhere between the two.



                              - Something that cannot be found but at the same time is exactly where everyone thinks it is (e.g. Pacific Ocean, Dartmoor). Often used in aviation.

                              Fool's Amelium - a common name for Gillespium. Gillespium may be distinguished from Amelium by being a) found and b) misidentified.
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                              It's all good. Probably.


                                Millerium - A missing element.

                                Millerium is just as rare as Amelium but is far less likely to be searched for due to its natural occurrence only in the cold English Channel (rather than Amelium which is found, or rather, not found, only on tropical islands in the Pacific Ocean).


                                  There was a piece about the new Miller search in the latest Air &Space magazine.
                                  It made it sound like RG knows where to go and all he has to do is drop a net. Also, it mentioned the fisherman who allegedly hauled the wreck up had RC airplane experience, therefore knew aircraft.
                                  Oddly, coming from a author and magazine that know aviation, the fact that is likely nothing left of the tube, fabric and wood aircraft wasn't mentioned. Neither was the lack of proof on anything AE-related.
                                  There are two sides to every story. The truth is usually somewhere between the two.


                                    Bovine Excretium a new element on the periodic table originally known as Bull S##t Easy to flush. recently discovered around funding time
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                                      Is the suggestion then, in Air & Space magazine, that Glen Miller's aircraft was dredged-up in fishing-nets by a knowledgeable fisherman who somehow managed to identify the aircraft type after his nets were hauled-in, and who noted the GPS coordinates where it was snagged in the net (not where the nets were hauled-in) but who then decided that the wreckage (engine?) was not significant, not worth keeping, not worth anything in scrap-value and not worth retaining on-board so the same wreckage didn't damage his, or anybody else's, nets in future...

                             the fisherman turfed the wreckage overboard.....again noting the exact GPS coordinates, obviously!

                                      Yep, that sounds where's my cheque-book!


                                        Unfoundium, a rare isotope of Unobtainium

                                        Jeeze, what have I started? LOL!!
                                        If anybody ever tells you anything about an aeroplane which is so bloody complicated you can't understand it, take it from me: It's all balls. RJM.


                                          I'm sure the group doesn't know exactly where it is...after all it can't be too easy...then there would be no multi-year search program, repeated visits to the UK and (most importantly) no multi-year begging and donations.
                                          No money in that.
                                          There are two sides to every story. The truth is usually somewhere between the two.