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Photo location required

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    Photo location required

    Seeking the location of this photograph believed to be 13 Squadron
    Click image for larger version

Name:	bourner 3.jpg
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    Lashenden Air Warfare Museum the home of the UK's Fieseler Fi 103R-4 Reichenberg

    Interesting picture
    Quite a mix of uniforms,Many of the officers have the old style (1908 pattern ?) sleeve cuff pips.
    Many others have the short lived 'Crowned Eagle' metal cuff officers badge.
    Some appear to have the also short lived Gilt vertical bar type rank Bars on their Cap Bands (either side of cap badge).
    So perhaps the picture was taken some time mid to late 1918,although I guess it could be even into 1919,it was a slow changeover to the RAF uniform we are familiar with and the transition period was quite complicated, still some old regimental uniforms/caps being worn by some.
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      As far as I can make out the locations for 13 Sqn during WW1 were....

      10/01/15 Gosport England

      01/10/15 St Omer France

      12/03/16 Vert Galand

      18/03/16 Savy

      09/05/17 Etrun

      22/03/18 Le Hameau

      22/09/18 Mory

      19/10/18 Carnieres

      19/01/19 St Omer

      24/03/19 Sedgeford England (Norfolk)
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        The Officer with the 'tache front rank centre does bear a resemblance to Major Guy Garrod (later AM Sir Guy Garrod) - he was OC 13 sqn in 1917 - so not sure if it is him as the picture probably taken later than that - unless it was taken during a later visit to the sqn.


          Perhaps ask here as the thread is still running


            Many thanks for the information, I have posted on the above forum & await results. Here is another picture that we know shows C flight of 13 squadron in August 1918Click image for larger version

Name:	c flt 13 sqd aug18 bourner.jpg
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            Lashenden Air Warfare Museum the home of the UK's Fieseler Fi 103R-4 Reichenberg